Unusual experiences in Budapest


The city is architecturally beautiful and nothing you would have seen before. The city is a melting pot of cultures because in the past it was under several kingdoms. And today you can see a mix of culturally and ethnically diverse people who call it their home. This affects the language, festivals, cuisine and lifestyle prevalent in the city. Budapest warms up to the beginnings of travelers, resulting in many restaurants, clubs, pubs and shops.

Because there is not yet a crowd of tourists, the city has many untouched things to discover. So do it Qatar Airways Reservation allow yourself extraordinary experiences in Budapest before they become part of your regular activities.

Vajdahunyad castle

Budapest announces its dominance in architecture with many artistically beautiful buildings dotted throughout the city. But none match the charm of Vajdahunyad Castle. Built in 1896. From wood and cardboard, as part of the celebration of the millennium of Hungary, the castle was permanently built in 1904. Thanks to its fame among the local masses. The castle elegantly presents four different architectural styles that had an impact on Hungary in ancient times. The castle is covered with a dream that contrasts with nearby stately buildings. Book Flight Qatar Airways tickets to Budapest and have fun.

Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum

The Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum is a place that will certainly satisfy your curiosity. This is not an ordinary museum. It has an amazing character thanks to relics that include bats, lizards and crocodiles. The museum began its journey as a private collection of pharmaceutical curiosities in 1896, but soon until 1948. It evolved into a full-fledged museum. The collection has been labeled “Monuments of Historical Chemists” and will definitely take you to the world of alchemists, the way it was presented in films and literature. So look for the best last minute flight offers to Budapest and let your curiosity grow.

Budapest cave church

The church next to Gellert Hill in Budapest is a picturesque delight. A small cave church with a large cross adorning it was once the home of a hermit. Currently, the cave is supervised by Pauline Monks. The church had a restless history and the communist government shut it down. Only after the fall of communism did the cave see the dawn of the day. And today it invites travelers from around the world to immerse yourself in its intact beauty. Start the search Emirates flight offers to Budapest and discover this less known tourist attraction.

A red ruin

Communism is a word that resonates loud and clear in Budapest. And Red Ruin is the only thematic strip that resembles its political past, also with humor. Wall murals and posters present a funny approach to communism and certainly tickle your funny bone. The red brick bar design gives it an unusual character. The bar is a hit with locals and tourists due to the wide selection of local and international beers.