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There are several good and reliable travel sites on the Internet where you can find great travel deals and save big money on your next vacation. However, to get the best deals are not always as simple as we think. Even though there are hundreds of travel websites out there, get a bargain is not always easy.
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Some of the well known sites that I have personally used without any problems & # 39 are: Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheap Tickets, Ebookers and at the last minute.
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However, to find a good deal within these sites not out & # 39 is a simple matter of digging work to be done to find gold, as an easy-to-use and excellent websites of these brands above, and other companies.
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One of the activities that should not be missed compares his travel schedule among the sites of your choice, as no one has the best prices for all routes, always. Each of them has its own special and if someone deal in a certain route, usually, others do not have the same special price.
In order to make this work, there are some sites that compare these popular tourist destinations for the destination of your choice and after spotting the lowest rate, you can always go to the lowest rate, to review the conditions and make a purchase if you want.
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main airline, often have special offers, which are not published in tourist areas, so look at the airline, traveling to the selected destination, you can give a surprisingly good rates for your flight.
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Regardless of the site or sites that you choose to search for your travel information to keep in mind the following tips when planning your next vacation. flights
The book is as advanced as you can. Airlines fares increase as the departure time approaches.
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Try to come in the middle of the day of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
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If you have flexible dates, the chances of getting the deal will increase. Sometimes, an exhibition or a special event will make the city of your destination is very expensive for this week, and a few days later or earlier, prices could plummet.
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For obvious reasons, avoid holidays. It is almost impossible to find a bargain during the holidays, even more airlines to raise prices during the holidays.

If you are traveling during Christmas, as a rule, the very day of Christmas less than a few days before. The same applies to the gratitude and other crowded holidays.
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Try to use multiple sites to search for travel information, and then determine the most appropriate site for your needs.
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During a trip to Europe from the United States, trying to get to a big city like London, and then use the local cheap fares airline travel in Europe.
best ticket prices for airlines
during booking, use Expedia or Travelocity, and see photos and location of the hotel, even if you book later in another place with a lower price.
hotels booking
Use as many sites as you need to order a different part of your holiday, if you get a better price in each of them.
airfare deals
After you select a flight or hotel anywhere in the journey to get to the sites of airlines and hotels directly and compare prices.
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Make sure that the place where you buy has a good reputation and uses SSL encryption for online payment by credit card.
expedia flights cheap flights
Once you get the code from travel website where you made the purchase, by mail directly to the hotel and / or airline and confirm that they have received your book exactly as the one you purchased.
best price airline tickets
Following these tips will give you the lowest fares available on the internet and you unpleasures avoid surprises during the trip.

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Professional Speakers – How to write a contract booking

speaking world full of forms and contracts – the two most important of the & # 39 are contracted, you & # 39; LL fax meeting scheduler that and # 39; first agreed to hire you and preprogramn, you & # 39; to send to the planning of the event.

Your credibility is on the line with each of these documents – they have to be very professional.

This is a contract book sample: [19659002] Reservation Agreement

Corporation) agreed to hire ________________ (Madam Speaker) [19659007] to perform at a & # 39; congress, which was held in ______________ ( time)

british airways flights
(seat) on

_______________ (date

Deposit and Cancellations policy :. [19659002] of the advance retaining 50% is required with the return of the signed contract

· In the case. cancellation of the program, Mr. -g speaker program to be overbooked
OA mutually periods without penalty. due to possible loss Dakh in the speaker, the abolition of that date less than 30 days before the event entails a penalty of the deposit being non-refundable

Travel and accommodation :.

spirit airlines reservations
about All prices are quoted, as well as travel expenses g- the speaker to order a full coach airfare and expenses will be billed after the program has been. completed. Airfare always distributed, if the route includes several clients.

flights from canada
of Speaker & # 39; s accommodation, meals and ground transportation will be billed directly to your organization.

Support Materials:

on the Note that the speaker & # 39; s material, written, oral or visual, with & # 39 are copymitted and can not be used or reproduced without the written consent of the person who speaks.

O & # 39 participants; handouts included.

Audio / Video

Oh, no recording, audio or visual, may be made without
prior written permission of the Speaker.
alaska air

of Performers reserves the right to make available books
and A / V materials for sale or viewing parties with the approval of the client.

Despite the fact that & # 39 is standard practice for the customer to cover the travel and accommodation expenses, some speakers to charge a fixed fee to cover expenses, which are involved in the way.

This makes it less paperwork and a & # 39 is that the client can operate in a budget ahead of time.

I recommend that you have a flat fee policy, because it means that the payment of the costs will be included in the final check you will get the day of your speaking engagement.

Another advantage is a flat fee policy means that no
surprises for the client long after the event is over, and they get
enormous bills for expenses.

However you decide to handle the expenses it # 39; s important that customers know up front and agreed with each client.

Once on the job, you need to send to the client's pre-program to help you set up your speech to the needs of this particular group.

This question should cover such things as confirm the time, date and place of your speech, Agenda software, if other speakers are on before or after your speech, the conference topic, the expected number of participants and any other information that will help you do a better job on stage.

Professional contracts will make your job a lot easier and make you look highly professional – which, of course, you!

Honest, Critical Review of fraudulent Dani Johnson

Who Dani Johnson?

Dani Johnson started his car & # 39; a career in the network marketing industry as a broke, homeless waitress from $ 2.03 to her name. In its first few hours after the start of his new business, she made a few thousand dollars in profits. She has made more than $ 250,000 its first year and more than $ 1 million in its second year, becoming the # 1 international producer in his company. [19659002] Since it was founded as an appeal to the International Freedom and travels around the world to teach someone who will listen to (or who can not afford to listen, as we shall see) her success principles. [19659002] if she could help me succeed? [19659002] That depends. You probably visited the site and saw Dani impressive array of evidence from people of all walks of life. Her website has well over 10,000 unique responses from people all over the world. Impressive, to say the least.

My personal experience with Dani Johnson is not that inspiring.

I first encountered the teachings of Dani, when I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. At that time I was the first time in my life, making substantial profits from my company about $ 4,000 a month just working around 2 hours per day. My organization is growing at 30-40% per month, and I really enjoyed the process. [19659002] I came across the teachings of Dani and really believed that it would lead me to the next level of success, and help his team to try their luck they sought. I bought every training on his website (quite a lot of money, but it is worth the investment, or so I thought) … [19659002] I gathered his team together and we had a huge house crammed with people who listen to "avenue and close its way to millions. they were all fired up. (Dani can be pretty darn convincing). I personally invested 3-4 hours a day, listening to Danny workout, thinking [19659002] I finally found the "Golden key". Yes what results? [19659002] My income immediately fell to $ 1,000, which is the month, and recruitment is almost completely ceased. the funny thing ylo, nothing in the company have not changed, and we were more excited than ever. So what do we do?

Rather than submit Dani Johnson as silly habit (as we must), we heard Danny say that we need to go to a seminar, so a bunch of us flew from Alaska to Los Angeles and visited her well-known "first steps to success". I personally spent more than $ 1,500 between the airfare, lodging, and provocatively expensive tickets, and between my group I think the price we paid was around $ 15, 000. [19659002] this month, my income dropped another $ 1,000 B duchy convinced that I need to invest in their skills, I went to Dani "Creating Dynasty" and bought it "search and closing" classes, spending more than $ 2,500 in two months. [19659002] What happened? My income went from $ 2,000 to less than $ 1,000, and has since fallen to about $ 400 before I did what I had to do, and this teaching DROP Dani like a bad habit and do what is proven to work! [19659002] So Dani Johnson scam or what?

Despite the fact that there are many people who claim to benefit from its teachings, I am certainly not one of them. I have put 1000's of hours of listening, called more than 5,000 leads, and spent more than $ 5,000 hard-earned money to fly over the United States and to buy training, which completely destroyed my business. When I called and asked for compensation, (politely), they refused. Of course, I feel that I was scammed.

However, the good news is that, when I learned about the "Attraction Marketing", my business began to explode faster than ever in the past, and now I have to hire more people than I can handle could imagine. ..


If you think investing sur & # 39; serious money in Dani Johnson's material, just remember that if you sponsor dystryb & # 39; Yutariya, you have a responsibility to help them be successful as soon as possible and that most of them are waiting (and unwilling) to fly across the country to pay college savings and your child to go to find something that works only for a superhero sales. Any good, legitimate MLM organization should provide such training for their people, for free, with the understanding that if you win, they benefit.

This is how the case should be, people helping people build a dream each other through service, leadership, mutual prosperity and integrity.

If you want to spend $ 25,000 a year on training, studying at the Dani Johnson. If you want to live well, to learn attraction marketing. You decide.


and God bless.

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hire places to host private, public and corporate events

You can rent a place Birmingham, located in the second largest city in England, it is one of the most beautiful places for any type and scale corporate events. Birmingham oil internationally known and used high-end corporate companies for organizing their conferences and events which can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from simple presentations to the general annual meeting. Organizational and operational aspects of the audience so thoroughly failed, it is not a tiny probability of any gaps or gaps that may affect the integrity or the quality of your conferences and meetings. Team management expert measures in place is always ready to get ahead of the foundation to ensure a flawless stream for each event.

venue in Birmingham provides many of the & # 39; objects that can be called a standard package of getting rid of their proposals. The floors are air-conditioned to create a controlled environment and to protect visitors from any outside environment & # 39; I. Teleconference on & # 39; the object does take any legal action to step forward, combining with other stakeholders and partners from around the world. Windows never short of any kind of audio-visual equipment that you need to enhance the impact of your presentations. Consider the scene, if your presentation will be a hit on the big screen in the hall back to the high-definition of & # 39 system; sound omnaga. A lot of room corner will be left untouched surprising effect of the message you want to send across.

Your guests will never find refreshments corner of the room short of quality or variety. Between conferences, they can take a refreshing episodes on snacks and drinks. You can completely depend on the venue service for your guest and # 39; s buffets and post-receptions. You can give the recreational aspect of corporate activities, giving your team an extra experience in the movie theater. The meeting place is also a great movie ticket offer, where you can take advantage of more than 30% discount more than the usual fee of the ticket.

They say that holiday with & # 39; is the biggest factor that increases profits by making the intellect in a human being. Application of the leisure factor of your team in the movie, so you can take advantage of higher profits. Choosing to rent Birmingham space to provide a unique experience for your team creates an ideal situation to identify their goals and plans to the end. Reservation of the hall on the site of a convenient process. You can make a call or e-mail on the site or to delete the message, to allow employees to call back.

All major bus routes converge on this street. Thus, if you want to give your team a walk in the city, you would never have enough of cheap transport. There are a number of specialized parking, when you hire a place Birmingham Civic Center car park, which is open 24 hours. Parking charges with & # 39 are nominal, but after 6:30 pm, you can park your car for free. More about the & # 39; facilities like ATM, restaurants, pizza centers, etc., can be found in the immediate vicinity of the venue.

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Using the best deals to find deals!

Everyone loves rested; a little break from the tedious and stressful work activities, and the best way to get there is by searching for relaxing and looking for the cheapest deal in the hotel. Internet offers the cheapest deals and to be flexible, you have more chances to find a hotel with low prices.

One suggestion is to use Priceline for you. It provides a great feature of trading for those who really want to find cheap deals and accommodation. You do not need to choose this hotel, in fact, you can choose the location, quality of rooms, and the amount you pay in interest. Sometimes it costs half the usual price rooms with their trading features.

Several hotels offer discounts if you stay for a few nights and you get one night free. To make an immediate call to the hotel and ask for discounts and special promotions. Compare all the facilities with other hotels you will find in the place where you want to stay. Most often, there is even a discount if you get a plane ticket and hotel together. Be wise to find some hidden costs like when searching for travel website. Travel websites can add a surcharge for the use of its website – collection, which would not have been there if you ask the hotel directly about their rates. packages with hotel reservation and car rental can give you more savings, but it is also best to check what rates will be, if you buy them separately.

Searchers sometimes difficult to figure out where to start, there are many travel websites on the Internet. They say that all the other sites have the same offer cheap deals; it is a common misconception, as one website can be very different from another.

Hotel Deal website is another great way to find a cheap hotel. Simply select a destination and date you intend to go, and they will compare rates for you from all the other major deals. First you need to figure out where to look for cheap deals online, and there you will find no reason not to stay in comfortable hotels, simply because you have a low budget. Of course, you will be surprised that hotels can be easily accessible, you never thought it would be.

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Tips for Hotel Reservation

Traveling is always pretty hectic and many people will be prepared with this knowledge. However, when it comes to dismantling better housing and to make reservations, you may be taken aback. You want to book a suitable hotel, and we hope to have a quiet night as well as at home. You can never be too sure about this hotel, and it is a & # 39 is the reason why you should have an advantage in the search. In this case, you should get the correct advice and tips on the best hotels and how to go about avoiding the common mistakes that travelers find themselves in. This article will explore some of the best booking tips and advice. With this knowledge, you will play a role in making your trip enjoyable to say the least.

The following guidance and advice from the American Society of Travel Agents ASTA. Professionals of this society know everything there is to know about the hotels, and you can trust them to give you good advice. First, many travelers around the world are often obsessed about finding the right expensive tickets. This is often done at the expense of looking for a nice hotel. Research from room to room, and that they have to offer is stored in the back seat. Thus, you should start looking early to grab the best deals and offers for hotel packages. Go through travel agents and make sure they will guide you accordingly with hotel reservations.

If you are a business traveler, you can use the different speeds at the weekend. In general, you need time to really look for information about hotels and this is the only way to book a decent hotel. The top reason why you have to travel agents because they are able to deliver products that you want. In other words, they will give you the necessary information about the facilities and services that you may need during the tour. They can also ask for special package deals that might just impress you.

When it comes to hotel bookings, it is important for you to go through a travel agent as well. However, these days, more and more people are choosing direct and online booking. If you decide to make reservations directly with the hotel, make sure to avoid the morning, because they & # 39 are the most troublesome. Choose to call at night or in the afternoon. If you book, it is paramount for you to confirm all the confirmation number and save the recording. Rates are and the person you are talking substantial details to note.

Again, make sure you keep a copy of the entire reservation information, even if you book with a travel agent. In case of emergencies, you must leave a copy with someone at home (a friend or neighbor), to ensure that they can take hold of you if need be. In order to avoid the expiry of the reservation, you need to ensure your order via credit card number. If you arrive late, you will not be faced with a crisis. If you are late due to some delays en route, you can call the hotel and ask them to hold your booking.

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Rabbits may change the gender / sex?

I saw this question in many forums and hear again the breeder, who discuss the fact that their rabbit has replaced the floor. Actually shorts that have won awards at a & # 39; congresses ARBA as the doe has been shown only to learn later that it was actually a dollar. Does this mean that the rabbit has replaced sex?

Surprisingly in nature, there are some cases where the animal can change its sex. Take, for example, a clown fish. Clown fish live in schools. As part of the school with the & # 39 is the structure of leadership has resulted to be a female clown fish. With that clown fish dies, the tallest man in the leadership takes over for the women's and gender changes, including reproductive functions. It is, however, uncommon for this type of biological changes that take place. In fact, there are even more rare cases of people who have changed sex as a result of a 5alpha-reductase deficiency (5alpha-RD-2) or 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (17beta-HSD-3).

Bunnies do not fall into this category of amazing animals that change sex. Rabbit was born the dollar, the dollar will be over 6 months will be the dollar in a year. Rabbit was born as a deer is a doe, and 6 months, will be a doe during the year.

At a young age, he can sometimes be difficult for experienced breeders, and even more difficult for inexperienced breeders in rabbit sex. Most of the "sex change" rabbits actually a & # 39 are the result of wrong Sexed rabbit breeder. We rarely made this mistake. You can usually trust the breeder who has been breeding for several years.

There are other factors that can contribute to the MIS-sexual rabbit. Tank with a split penis will often be sexual, as a deer. The use of unreliable methods to determine the sex of the rabbit often leads to errors. We quickly article on how to properly rabbit sex.

The bottom line is that it's genetically impossible for a rabbit to change sex. The next time you hear, remember, his rabbit, which has not been properly sexual.

Rob Usakowski

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Cheap flights to Chicago – a trip to Chicago Information

If you're thinking about a trip to the Windy City, but now is definitely the time to go. You can get cheap flights to Chicago and # 39; s O & # 39; Hare Airport from almost any airport in the country, and of the hundreds of international airports at prices that have not been seen in years. Chicago & # 39; s O & # 39; Hare Airport with & # 39 is the second busiest airport in the world, and this means that there is always a bargain for travelers who go in and out of Chicago.

It is known as the Windy City, but it is not so. Chicago's spectacular city, full of energy and the arts, culture and sports, which will intrigue virtually any visitor at any time of the year. Cheap flights to Chicago means that you can spend a long weekend of sightseeing or take in a couple of games, or you can settle in for a week or more, and yet there is plenty to keep you busy during this time.

Chicago, home of Oprah and cubbies, Obama and the Sears Tower with & # 39 is a great place for all kinds of people to come. Sports fans will definitely enjoy year round professional sporting opportunities in this city. Cubs and White Sox play in different parts of the city. Then, you can go see the accused Chicago Bulls in action once basketball season starts. Bears play through the winter season, as does the Chicago Blackhawks. There is always something to do in Chicago!

Cheap flights to Chicago means you can enjoy a great trip to Chicago on a budget, it has always been impossible. And you do not have to stay in Chicago as soon as you get there – Chicago hub but many other cities in the Midwest, you can travel and enjoy all the different types of culture, food and scenery products.

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Go on a trip to the selected Getaway

In the summer time is approaching, all the people who love to revel in the sun to feel the excitement of the time. For some people, summer is in your mind, only two things traveling and rested. Since the initial enthusiasm going for the holidays calms down, the realization dawns on them that a lot of planning and organization need to be made before you can actually get out of the house to catch the ferry or drive away in the car in the direction chosen an idyllic place to relax.

to organize the trip a lot easier for you, there are many resources you can turn for help. The most easily accessible of them would have been different tour packages offered by travel and tourism companies. One has seen it all; car rental packages, hotel accommodations, flight packages, honeymoon packages and tour packages some & # 39; and only a few to mention. This hotel and resort vacation packages can be found everywhere. In addition to providing all kinds of vacations he demanded of them, ranging from the escape group in private parties, these travel agencies and companies promise and offer significant savings of time and money, as well as the opportunity to engage themselves more on your planned trips. [19659002] Multisobstvennost become very popular lately. You can find resorts that offer different time section of countries, including Mexico, Hawaii, Aruba, the US and the Caribbean. When choosing your timeshare resort, you have to take into account the activities you want to get busy. If you want to try gambling, then you will do well to choose any resort in Las Vegas. If you take your things & # 39; nd you choose a place that has the convenience of serving the interests of your children too. If the children are looking forward to a Disney vacation, then hotel accommodation near Disneyland in Florida or Los Angeles will suit you.

Tour Packages and details associated with them can be obtained from the tourist sites of tour operators. It is not hard to find a travel package or a hotel that suits your needs and your idea of ​​a perfect holiday. Not only is the hotel packages offered by these tour companies give you the ability to enable or disable various aspects such as local travel, food and beverage and other recreational activities, depending on your vacation plans. Thus, instead of having to book tickets for flights, accommodation and other events of interest all on your own, it would be wise to take advantage of travel packages.

In this way, you will save on the aspects of time and the need to look for each of the & # 39; the object yourself. If you are lucky enough to complete the new activity book that you have not planned your holiday can become more productive and useful. Regardless of the type of holiday you are planning to start this summer, there is a perfect tour package, just for you and your loved ones.

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Last Minute Checks Before the trip to the airport

Going to the airport for your holiday with & # 39 is an exciting and stressful in equal parts. Of course, it & # 39; with great feeling, knowing that you & # 39; again go on vacation to get away from it all, top up your tan and see somewhere new, but at the same time and # 39; S is also stressful to know how much money you & # 39; ve spent, worry about things going wrong, and have a strict timeline that you absolutely can not miss.

It & # 39; s the important thing is to make sure that you are ready for this path, and you & # 39; ve had all that can go wrong if you want to avoid excessive losses of money or be an additional stress. Here we look at some of the most recent minutes of inspections done before you leave.

your car

If you are traveling to the airport, this and # 39; s important that your car is suited to you there and that everything is in working order. Most likely, this will be the average path length, so make sure your tires are fully inflated, that you have enough fuel, oil and water. Similarly, you should pack some things in your car with you to help you in case you end up stranded. For example, you should always take a first aid kit, and you must take the materials and tools that you can use to repair your car or make life more comfortable, if you linger.


Knowing the way to the airport is also very important to avoid driving lost for centuries. Make sure you know the best route, and that you know about any congestion too. If you're worried about that at their destination, the investment in the Sat Nav can help a lot to put your mind at rest, and to avoid potential problems. If you do not have Sat Nav, then a navigator in the front with a printed card can help to ensure that you do not make any wrong turns.


You should also have some parking for when you get to the airport if you are going to be driving. Make sure it is booked in advance, as well, but what do you know, whatever. It & # 39; s not good knowing where the airport is then struggled to find where you are going to leave.


Before you go you should double-check the flight time and the terminal you should be. You can check this by using the flight number, but No. 39; It s important that you do as these details are subject to change. You should make it a bit before leaving the course, as waiting could mean it & # 39; too late for you to get into the new time.

your files and documents

Going on vacation usually requires to show any number of electronic tickets, the confirmation e-mail and documents to identify (and a lot of money and / or travelers and # 39; checks of course). If you do not have any of them, it could lead to serious & # 39; oznaga stress, if you & # 39; re there, so that makes last-minute check of all important.

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How to go to the golf swing plane vertically and the benefits it has to the distance and accuracy

As a golf instructor, I see no reason why players should not take the vertical swing plane, regardless of their physique or flexibility.

However, if you go online to search for "golf swing plane" you'll see a few explanations about the subject and just as many different versions of what is right and what is wrong.

as I will show in the near future with purely mechanics and physics point of view, the advantages in range and accuracy far outweigh those of the & # 39; omnasts swing plane and for this reason alone I would recommend and teach the adoption of the concept of a vertical swing for all my students.

plane rotation angles are usually associated with a golfer's height.

golfers that are shorter in height, is said to have a flat swing plane.

is also common to see golfers take a plane rotational motion due to the nature of their constitution, which limits the range of their swing flexibility, such as their chest and mid-section size.

on the other hand high golfers swing naturally to more upright swing plane simply because of the increased height of the shoulders from the ground.

However, the physical characteristics of the golfer not only the things that regulate their rotation angle of the plane.

What determines the swing plane, they are positioning themselves to install them, and how they rotate their shoulders on the assassination …

Swing Plane Angle

Before we get into specifics in the vertical swing position, let me first define the angle of the swing plane is often understood.

I say, because I am sure, like most hot golfers you read the book by Ben Hogan's "Five Lessons. modern basics of golf "and his explanation of the swing plane is probably the one that stayed firmly in his mind.

Here is his explanation …

attempt golfer image forming right-angled triangle in their installation position.

vertical side of the triangle is formed from the top of their shoulders / neck on the ground around his feet position. The horizontal portion is formed from the position of the club head and the ball at the point on the ground that corresponds to the vertical side of the triangle.

hypotenuse, or the longest side of the triangle is determined from the clubhead at the point of their shoulders.

The classical understanding of the angle swing plane, that is the angle between the hypotenuse and horizontal side of the triangle. (Remember the plate glass illustration in the book resting on Hogan golfers shoulder …) [19659002] Now you can imagine how this angle is increased or decreased due to the height of the golfer's swing plane, and why is often associated with golfers shoulder height.

reason why I say this as the rotation angle of the plane is often determined by the fact that there is a lot of speculation to this theory, it is wrong most of the time …

it suggests that in turn the club head path follows this same angle throughout the swing, so that the highest point of the swing is in the extended line drawn from the bowl through the top of the shoulder to the arm at the top of the swing …

reality is that the angle of swing "actually "revolves can be completely different as a result of which the arm reaches the top of the assassination and bo below or above dots "determining glass plate Hogan.»

reason is that the rotation angle of the plane is not only influenced by your installation, it is primarily defined by the plane around which your shoulders rotate.

Your installation may show a rotation angle of a plane, which may be completely different from the actual plane of rotation of the arms.

Here's why …

Rotary Planes your shoulders

In order to understand your shoulder rotation movement, standing before a mirror. Keep your hands directly on each side. You can rotate the shoulders in a horizontal plane around the axis of the spine … that's easy to do.

Now try and turn his shoulders in a vertical plane, raised his right hand and dropping his left hand so that you maintain a direct line from hand to hand over the shoulders. The axis of rotation in this plane with the & # 39 is the point on the chest just below the chin …. this movement is not very easy to perform.

reality shoulder their turn to attempt to & # 39 is that it works in a combination of both vertical and horizontal movements.

as one would expect, shoulder turn, that moves more in the horizontal plane will create a flatter swing plane.

is one that more runs in the vertical plane will produce more vertically swing plane.

So, when we go back to the classic Hogan explanation swing plane, guided installation and a height of a golfer, the only way that the golfer will be on the same plane as the top of their swing if on & # 39; the combined horizontal and vertical movement their shoulders for their turn comes to match this angle.

this is rare …

With this understanding of what swing plane has a greater influence on your shoulder rotation than the height of your settings and lets you make changes to your would ackswing, to get some of the benefits of vertical swing path .

Here are some of the main reasons why I always recommend a more upright swing plane, which are based on the mechanics and physics of the swing.

improve consistency of your swing accuracy

The first reason affects the accuracy and trajectory of the ball flight of your shot.

If you ever reconsider your free video adapter on "Understanding the mechanics of the general shortcomings of swing", where I outline the physics of why your photos "fly" in order, DO, the outcome of all fields shots boils down to two main factors: [19659002] about the direction of your shoulders tend to the point of contact with the ball

about the orientation of the head of your club face at the point of contact with the ball

flatter your swing plane over your shoulders move in a horizontal plane.

This means that they only "sighting" on the target at the point immediately before the contact, and soon after contact. This is because the movement of the club head is moving "through" the target line as a baseball swing, and not to the target line, how to put a swing.

Beyond this very small region direction shoulders tend further to the right of the target on the lower swing further to the left of the target at the next through (opposite for left-handed). [19659002] success planar oscillation plane requires a high degree of "time" and balance of vibrations through the contact point, since there is very little for errors.

level "ball back," born of poorly timed swing also determines the accuracy of the shot.

relative difference between the arm and swing plane orientations from the face of the club at the contact point determines the amount of the back, generated on the ball.

The more shoulders move "through" the target line, the more the ball spins created leads to exaggerated hooks or slices.

on the other hand in vertical position is made for swing arms move more in the vertical plane, which means the time the shoulders move down the target line is much greater during the swing.

result with 39 & # is that the club head moves down the target line swing over a larger area gives a higher margin of error for synchronization and balance problems.

impact on the ball back is also reduced, as fewer shoulders to swing "through" the target line when exposed to ill-timed shot.

In both cases, the sequence of your swing to improve the accuracy of a vertical angle of your swing plane …

Higher swing power and distance

Follow all the big hitters on tour and one common features you will notice most of the vertical oscillations take

I wrote about this in a previous release Turnberry but should consider the reasons why upright swing plane generates more power for the swing :.

on the hands and club will Lead h above the ground on top of an assassination attempt that generates a "potential energy" ball. If you think about the energy that can be created using gruzapad & # 39; omnyh on 20-30lb weight above your shoulders and lift it, you'll understand where the increase in energy is on the swing. This weight & # 39 is the total weight of your club and weapons.

for you to use their powerful muscles down the right side and at the top of the left shoulder, which can generate more energy to swing than using the strength of your lower back muscles orbiting the base of the spine in blunt swing.

Improved balance

your balance at the time of the assassination attempt and fall depends on centrifical head turning power putter as it is on the move and at what angle that the force acting on the trunk.

centrifical force generated by the club head moves along a circular path acts to pull the shoulders forward in the direction of the ball, which can affect the stability of your torso during the swing.

to give you and exaggerated example of the effect it can have on their balance sheets, try to imagine the action of an athlete throwing the hammer.

In this case, the athlete must overcome huge centrifical force required to rotate th e Hammer for "leaning" to stay balanced during rotation.

flatter swing plane has a similar effect on the balance of the player in golf, which must withstand the impact of centrifical force to turn the club head lower back muscles to keep the body in position during the swing.

in the vertical oscillation is centrifical force generated more through the torso and legs off the ground, which generate less effect on your lower back muscles allows the trunk remain more stable.

how to create a vertical swing of

as much as you might expect, that your setup to affect the angle of the plane, this influence more on your shoulder rotation.

I urge you to start your swing with the "down" turn to the left shoulder …

Many players initiate their swing by moving his hands.

For golfers, which may be rigid in their flexibility of the torso, shoulders or may be several inches larger around its mid-sect ion than they would like, starting with a swing with his hands encourages them to "wrap" their swing around your body causing planar oscillation plane.

This is because their shoulders are moving more in the horizontal plane.

The net result of excessive swing can be threaded with the ball from the flight path greatly to the left or right by pushing the ball.

This is because the area where the club head is moving down the target line is very small immersion error of accuracy in the midst, as I described above.

Start the swing motion of the left shoulder down, and you will face this problem.

This ensures that your swing begins with a vertical rotation regulator shoulders. By doing so your shoulders are rotating down the target line.

Mirror Exercises for the correct setting of

Another area that will affect your swing plane installation.

I recommend that you practice this swing initiation drill with a left turn in front of the shoulder of the mirror at home.

How do you turn to watch your hand movements. . Adjust the setting to make it easier to rotate vertically and move the hands on the more vertical swing plane

Here are a few tips to help you:

for Let your arms hang down vertically in a rack with your hands are placed not more than six inches from your feet

about Keep your back straight from the hips up. Do not let the shoulder assumption forward

Oh, you big breasts you can lean forward more in a position to give your arms a gap to move straight back, and do not wrap around your body

How to go through this routine you probably feel stiffness in the muscles of the back swing, you are not used to … especially in his left shoulder.

that is because it is much easier to rotate the shoulders horizontally around the spine, than rotate them vertically.

is normal, as the movement in the vertical plane using different muscles in your golfing.

Shoulder Flexibility

Many golfers too tight in the shoulders, to do this effectively, and if they try the first vertical swing plane at the site they find the results disappointing.

If this happens, shorten your swing much as muscle stiffness field in the vertical plane of swing is another area of ​​your swing to breakdown of

. Warning: Do not let your left elbow to break, trying to swing more upright. You defeat the purpose of adaptation to a higher plane of swing and the only reason myself more synchronization problems.

Exercise I recommend to improve the flexibility of the shoulder in a vertical plane, to take a broom and put it over your shoulders, and then wrap the elbows and hands on top of the handle.

For some people this may be stretching exercise in itself, so that it gently, without stressing the arm muscles.

Now move the handle straight down on one side, as far as you can go, and hold for 60 seconds. How do you keep stretching, do not let your hips move to the side in the opposite direction as this will resist stretching.

Similarly, to keep the body upright and straight as possible during the stretch.

Now do the same movement in the opposite direction.

After a few days of this site, you will find your way to improve the range, as you begin to expand your swing more. However, you should see a marked improvement in your accuracy sequence from the start, the more you swing down the target line.

Good luck!



Source by Les Ross

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