What to look out for if you & # 39; re Buying travel books

Of course, everyone loves a good travel book, but sometimes they can be a frustrating, often, say, than a recipe book or needlework. There are ways to not miss the bus.

Before forking out dollars for travel books, ask yourself the following questions: I'm in love with the idea of ​​the book or the book itself? Take, for example, a book called "The Magnificent Morocco." You are in love with the idea of ​​a glorious Morocco or the book you hold in your hands? To fix this, you need to ask: what is the purpose of buying this book?

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, and it & # 39; s nuts-and-bolts information you are looking for, then it is not good to buy inconsistent nonsense teacher run schools in 1950 & # 39; s. It & # 39; Sun S is also not good draw on photos, because photos are lying and strictly rigorous information. If you are just interested in the reading and study of Morocco as a whole, the book is written from any angle will do without something completely off the beam, as in the book, written in 1920 and # 39; s missionary, called "I turned four pagans in Morocco"

if it & # 39; s useful travel information you are after, ask yourself. this book to date and properly investigated If you keep a book called? "mainland Greece", for example, do a quick test. Think about the city in mainland Greece, you know, such as Thrace, and see how fast it takes to find the section of Thrace and how useful information on accommodation, transport, restaurants, attractions etc.

Easy-to navigation directories with large indexes only ticket They should be compact, so you can put them in your hand luggage and are cheap enough that if you lose them, you do not mind the rule is that it is more illustrative photos are good -.. they show suras & # 39;. a serious intention on the part of the author and publisher to inform you – but too many pictures will degrade the quality and quantity of useful information there should be concise historical nuggets and tips insider trip. There should also be additional online resources listed on the momentary information.

If it & # 39; S Sun practical information you're after, but you want to feed your travel dreams and get information about the countries, a century later, then ask: who wrote this book? There has been a "colonization" of countries through travel writing. I mean, that some authors writing in English have become inextricably linked with the works of some countries. They are quite simply the last word on the subject.

Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller colonized Greece. Lawrence of Arabia colonize Arabia, Robert Lacey colonized Syria. William Dalrymple colonized Byzantium and Delhi. In Durrells colonize Corfu. Bryson colonize Australia and rural America. Lisa St Aubin de Terán-colonize South America and Umbria. Peter Mayle colonized Provence, and so on. travel as a writer you want, when you read the dream and escapism is completely different from the writer's qualities do you look for if it & # 39; • Cumulative current data you are after.

If you are looking after a visual and pictorial travel book, then you have to ask:
How many photographer presented his / her own vision in the book? There's nothing that puts the traveler & # 39; s teeth on edge flipping over books about Rome and see the same old perspectives of the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps. If the photographer and the person who wrote the text (there will always be some text in an illustrated travel book) did not provide some personal theme or point of view, you do not really have a travel book, worthy of the name.

Fine examples of photographic scrapbooks of Peter Beard, who remained in East Africa and was obsessed with elephants. You will not find a single photo of the Serengeti Plain or Kilimanjaro in any of his books, so he is very focused writer and photographer, and why you'll struggle to find a copy of these long sold out masterpieces.

Backpackers and billionaires

Previously, it was believed that backpacking trips to Fiji involved in traveling by bus from Nadi to Suva, then a ferry to somewhere Ovalau, Savusavu, Taveuni or encode. No more. These days young budget travelers are lining up to go to the Yasawa chain of 16 large volcanic islands and dozens of small is about 35 km off the west coast of Viti Levu.

dazzling white beaches, clear warm water, colorful coral reefs, and sunny dry climate make the Yasawa Group an ideal tourist destination, but until recently the visit does not take part with a rough sea voyage Lautka dangerously village boat or seaplane on the road from Nadi. Blue Lagoon Cruises was cruising Yasawas since 1950, but the passengers on board these vessels, upscale sleep in cabins and locals get little benefit from their presence.

Until 1987 Rabuka coups in Suva, it was the policy of the Government of Fiji that Yasawas were closed to land tourism. Long years of military-backed government has bought some changes in Yasawas, although Australian investors are allowed to build a luxury Yasawa Island Resort in 1991 and several villages controlled backpack camps appeared on Wayasewa and Waya. Since the early 1980s, some local & # 39; and there were three small low-budget resorts on Tavewa Island, thanks largely to Tavewa & # 39; s status as the property of the island outside the office fizhiyskimi conductors. For decades, local church leaders drew tourism as a corrupting influence from the outside, to keep at arm's length from the village life.

It would be hard to imagine anything more remote from real life than fizhiyskom Turtle Island Resort on Nanuya Levu Island, Fiji and # 39, S final refuge in the US $ 1,500-and the night crowd. Nanuya Levu has been freehold on the land since 1868, and in 1972 Richard Evanson used US $ 300,000 he received in Southern California cable television business, to buy the island.

Evanson & # 39, S Turtle Island Resort Fiji became the prototype of & # 39; s current crop of boutique island resorts, hosting notables like Hollywood stars and millionaires. Brooke Shields stayed here during the 1980 filming of escapist classic The Blue Lagoon.

self-styled environmentalist, Evanson has planted thousands of trees on his island, and turned the mangrove forests into tourist attractions, cleverly creating boardwalks. The resort & # 39; s food grown in organic gardens, power is generated using solar and wind energy. Every year a group of volunteers of California eye specialists visits Turtle Island Resort for eye surgery to the needs of rural people or to equip them with the donated glasses.

However, for the majority of Yasawans, life has changed little since 1789, when Captain Bligh and his loyal friends of the crew swam past the group in an open boat shortly after the famous mutiny on the Bounty. Even today, most villages without electricity or running water, as well as for economic development opportunities are very limited. In Yasawans I felt neglected by politicians in the distant capital, envious onlookers as a mini-cruise ships and yachts are made rich foreigners along their shores.

In May 2000, the instigator of George Speight and assorted thugs seized the parliament building in Suva, Fiji, turning on its head. Speight & # 39; s rhetoric about Aboriginal struck a chord in the Yasawas. Villagers Natul island staged a mini-revolution in the Turtle Island, closing Evanson in one of its 14 luxurious bungalows, as village young people were driving wildly around Nanuya Levu on Evanson & # 39; s golf carts.

If the excitation is dropped, woven mats have been distributed and coffee roots pounded, and over many cups of grog, Evanson and residents have come to appreciate.

Rather than kill the golden goose, Evanson convinced Natul people that they & # 39; d be better to open their resorts and allows it to continue to operate its business in the world.

Evanson offered interest-free loans for the construction and advertising support, and Natul Tikina Tourism Association was born. Association website FijiBudget.com now describes a dozen locally managed resorts around the Blue Lagoon in Central Yasawas, including three existing properties Tavewa. All resort operators must meet strict code of conduct, designed to preserve the environment and guarantee an acceptable level of service. Although primitive in comparison with the luxury resorts Mamanuca weekend Nanda, Yasawa backpacker camps provide basic food and accommodation at low price firmly.

The massive influx of tourists began only in 2002, when the Awesome Adventures, a subsidiary of New Zealand, which is owned by South Sea Cruises, started fast catamaran service up and down the chain. Now you can move NADI & # 39; s on Denarau Yasawa Flyer any morning at 9:15 am and be at the resort of your choice at lunch time. As many as 150 tourists do it every day, and the village run resorts on Kuata, Wayasewa, Waya, Naviti, Tavewa, Natul, Lyle and Nanuya Levu Matacawa boom.

Reservations can be made upon arrival at Nadi Airport through any of a dozen 24-hour travel agencies directly in the airport terminal. All these offices sell catamaran tickets with a transfer to a bus to the port is enabled. Luxury accommodation and gourmet cuisine can not be expected in any of the resorts in the Yasawa yet friendly people, spectacular natural beauty and low prices make most travelers overlook these inconveniences.

Pre-booking a taxi to the airport shuttle service

When booking a transfer from the airport, it is important to keep a few facts in the form. Booking in advance via the Internet can save a lot of time, energy and trouble. Sometimes when arriving in a foreign country will not be metered taxi and wants to pre-paid or pre-agreed tariff. These prepaid rates can be extortionate in price and service. Often, the time required for the trip may be short, but the rate is clearly too high. Throughout my experience of traveling through Asia, through the B & # 39; etnam, Thailand and Laos, the taxi fares were 5 times more than the price paid by a local resident. Upon arrival at the airport a tourist can often be jet legs, tired and confused, then an unscrupulous taxi driver will take advantage dazed traveler, flame them in his taxi.

This is a story happened to me a few years ago. I distinctly remember when traveling with Hon Soi Square in Beijing, and in my sorrow and naivete, I paid almost 5 times more expensive than what I should have. Taxi drivers often push the tired traveler in the cockpit, and they weary desperation, they have jets lagged stupor, they agree with defiant inflated rates in a hurry to get out of the sun and a cold shower. It was a lesson I learned the hard way. My taxi driver took me to my destination specified location, but not earlier than behind the wheel of the province have almost Hebogo and back through the streets and alleys, in an attempt to justify their expensive fare. A few weeks in, I realized that the taxi had driven incredibly convoluted route, in an attempt to hide his shocking prices. For those who are traveling on a budget, sometimes the difference in price can mean a shorter stay, or content with inferior housing. But I learned my lesson well, and in the future, I decided to prebook all my airport transfers in advance through the Internet, to avoid such unfair transactions.

I've had other friends in similar situations. One friend in Ho Chi Minh City in the & # 39; etnama, was transferred, and the questionable part of the city, due to the language mix with the driver. He prepaid the fare, he had little choice when the driver demanded he release his taxi, and was quickly rather unceremoniously, dumped on the side of Phu My Hung. The driver shook his head in anger, when my friend demanded his money back, but denied all responsibility, threw our luggage on the roadside, and went there on the speed of its hefty profits. Rogue taxi drivers often lay in wait at the airports, in agreement with the traveler their taxis are metered, but once in a taxi, they require their fares.

If exhausted from a long flight, the last thing busy traveler or business executive wants to assert this, the chances of a hot and humid taxi journey. Pre-booking airport transfers was the best decision I ever made. I plead with you, while traveling to exotic edge, pre-book your transfer from the airport; they will save you a tremendous amount of care and time to make your journey as stress free as possible. Pre-ordered taxis may be more expensive, but believe me, the experience I had, they are ridiculously cheap.

Discount Golf Vacations, value for money

There is only one thing that people look forward to every year, and it is well-deserved rest. If you are going for a golf vacation, but can not afford one in a plush environment, you should try to get some tickets for a golf vacation package discounts. If it is impossible to stay in a classy, ​​high profile, luxury hotel and golf resort, why not give another shot? These discounts do not break at least in terms of the quality of the place or the environment. Sometimes, you just might get a package deal on the place you've always wanted to go, but had to be neglected because of past issues. For the majority of men playing golf during the holidays with & # 39 it is what makes them happy, and today this is true for some women.

If a person is amateur or professional, they need to have the golf course with easy access from the hotel. Golf always gets their will, and showing the child in them, while maintaining the excitement of discontinuous. And if you dream to play in the band, but never made it because of the cost, well, these discount deals just for you. Just go to any of the travel agencies, give them your requirements and wait for them to come up with a package that you can not only afford but fits your needs. On the other hand, if you are familiar with computers and the Internet, you can get online and hunt for a good deal discount travel independently. So you do not even have to shell out a commission for the travel agent.

There are over a thousand sites catering to those looking for discount offers across the country, in different places. Some of them are very useful, they provide details about the conditions out & # 39; I, the size of a golf range and opportunities. This will allow you to make the right choice so that your whole family & # 39; I enjoy your vacation. It is best to go on a golf vacation, when the sun does not shine, and there is no overcast sky, as the latter will dampen the mood of the game enthusiasts and leave them locked in the room.

Please note that the discount does not necessarily mean it's cheap, it & # 39 with an alternative to paying full fare. Just as in the airline, we use Apex fares which a & # 39 is a discounted fare, we do not travel on airplanes of low class. Maintenance and service as well, but the price is lower. Discount golf vacations are a fun way to take your things & # 39; nd together to the place that has something for everyone. Check the site at which items are included in the package, or & # 39 is this including plane tickets or not, so that you can plan accordingly. There is a background study on the spot, accessible rooms, meals and other services throughout the area. You would not want to be stuck at the resort, where there is nothing but golf range.

10 reasons why you need to go to the Fun Travel Now!

In today & # 39, S Article I of & # 39; m will make a noise on the ten reasons you the NEED to do this trip, you & # 39; ve owed to him and to go on some fun trip now !! So, without further ado, let and # 39; s start here!

# 10 – [19659003] This & # 39; S Deep Cathartic – This may sound completely nuts to say, but you know, life can be very stressful? I know, right ?! Well, I think that such a great fix for this ?! For some rest and relaxation in a good hammock, looking at the ocean on this beautiful beach! And not just this scene do you want to do it now ?!

# 9 – [19659003] is a new point of view of – Ever stayed at a problem, you do not know how not to solve, no matter how many hours a day do you think about in bed? Yeah, me too. A trip where the new can help to change the tune! Environment and procedures can play a huge role in the thinking, so think in a different way … the first mind is to watch from a different perspective. The trip can help with that! You can come back refreshed and ready to attack the problem in full force!

# 8 – [19659003] More Grown After – No need to really explain this one, but it's always good to see how others live. A better understanding of the world, of course, makes you a better person as a whole.

# 7 – [19659003] Something & # 39; I sing – If you & # 39; re generous enough to allow them to come, they will sing their high praise for many years. Your cool status immediately gets elevated in his book a good margin, and is a great place to be indeed!

# 6 – [19659003] Create Lasting Memories – there # 39; s two kinds of people in this world. Those that do and those that do not! You want to regret anything that you have not done before he died? Or do you want to look back fondly on all the wonderful things you have done? It & # 39; what I thought!

# 5 – [19659003] opportunity to meet new people – Check it out. You meet people all the time, but you can have a rare opportunity to meet someone in an exotic place that you would not otherwise in your daily life! And who knows how integral that man could become!

# 4 – [19659003] rekindle this flame – Maybe you and your one is not as hot as you once were … well, take a ride! It is somewhere you & # 39; Ve never been so beautiful with your significant other can really bring a spark back!

# 3 – [19659003] Back Give – We often look how good we really have it against those in other countries. In your travels, you may be able to return to the community! And my friend who might be the most pleasant feeling that you & # 39; You will ever experience!

# 2 – [19659003] track Break rehash every day? Even the thought of planning can help you in mind. Looking forward to something you know is surprisingly good energy for the brain! Make it!

# 1 – [19659003] It & # 39; fun and you deserve It Do I need to say to say, more Var & # 39; Yat? Look, life is so short! You should be out there enjoying every moment instead of thinking, if you must! Of course, you have foolishly!

** This article may be freely reprinted and shared on the web site as long as it is not modified in any way including the author, and # 39; th hyperlinks. **

Las Vegas Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tours

Convenient and cheap Las Vegas Grand Canyon West Rim bus tours offer a fantastic range of updates, from the Grand Canyon Skywalk Colorado River rafting.

Let & # 39; s take a closer look at these bus tours West Rim:

West Rim

The main bus tour to the Grand Canyon West. Includes all park fees included. Hop a free shuttle service to check different points of view. Must-see attractions include Eagle Point, Guano Point, the Colorado River, and a fantastic Skywalk. Explore now Hualapai Indian Village. Skywalk tickets can be purchased at an additional place.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

This standard West Rim tour bus tickets SkyWalk. The best deal. Axle 70 extends past the edge of the foot from the Colorado River 4,000 feet below. This remarkable structure can support the glass 71 is fully loaded aircraft 747, but the maximum capacity of 120 persons.

helicopter descent from Boat Tour

Moving to 130 EcoStar helicopter and down 4,000 feet to the ground. Deplane. Enjoy a champagne toast at an authentic Indian Ramada. Ask your guide to show you the petroglyph. Head upstream pontoon boats to float ride down the Colorado River.

Bus Tours all-inclusive, with free shuttle service, continental breakfast, barbecue lunch, a photo-stop near the Hoover Dam and professional driver-guide. The duration of the trip is from half a day up to 12 hours for the helicopter-boat package. Internet prices start at $ 94. [19659002] The West Rim, located 120 miles from Las Vegas, take a bus 2.5 hours to reach. Luxury motor coaches to serve this route, and are equipped with climate-controlled cabins, plush seats, plenty of legroom, clean bathrooms, large windows, a video recorder and recorded tour narration translated into more than 10 languages.

Bus tours, which take place every day of the year, as a rule, be sent in the morning. The drive will take you past Lake Mead with a stop at Hoover Dam before crossing the state line of Arizona. Finishing you through the 700-year-old Joshua Tree Forest before turning onto a dirt road to the Grand Canyon West. These "bonus" sights really make this Las Vegas bus tour of great importance.

I recommend to all my readers bought bus tours before, mainly in a week or two in advance. This ensures that you get a great place in the day that you want to take a tour. If you book the day before you go or on the same day, will have to pay a hefty premium.

Top bus transaction found on the Internet. Try the first tour operator websites. I & # 39; I ve found that many of them offer the best discounts, including one that Slashes 35% of the retail price. Do not forget to confirm the trip with you – you & # 39; It will need to take the bus.

Canyon bus tours to the West Rim offer travel-savvy visitor a lot. These all-inclusive trip to come all that is needed to enjoy the canyon. Many travel supplements, as well as tickets SkyWalk and rafting. For the best prices, be sure to shop online. Then, if you & # 39; ve made your reservation, buckles for adventure. West Rim is loaded with action, and the bus is the best way to get yourself in the middle.

Knowing the right choice to make if you are traveling to London

As the hotel industry (and the tourism industry as a whole) react in America, when the country experienced a recession (which is just beginning to subside)? Hotels reacted to cutting staff and to receive guests serve themselves in many ways. England had the same decline as well. Travel to London right about now, and the city could be in the middle of the arrows for all the evidence of a tightening of belts you & # 39; will someday. Everywhere you look, London overflows with new galleries, boutique hotels, chic restaurants and balls. Of course, they do not build all those to charities you know. What are you doing in London to take the best possible care of your wallet and still the most fun? This is what you need to know.

People like to shop in London. The shopping experience here, as a rule, like the scene in the film Love, in fact, where Rowan Atkinson to go to the buyer with the mind, with its over-the-top Christmas packaging process. Shopping in London can be over-the-top luxury. For this kind of experience, people are sent to Harrods, as a rule, some of the & # 39 is the big name department stores in London. Top view of the institution, and they take full advantage of it trying to sell you small gifts from the store for $ 50. Now, if you really want to shop for a large high-quality goods of London, fashion, furniture, accessories and everything else, you really We should lead to a much more reasonable and more fully captures the Liberty store. Not that this is a cheap place for all; it & # 39; S surprisingly upscale look and make purchases; if you get to the checkout, except.

If you go kind of budget you have, if you are traveling to London and a smart part, as a rule, should go in the direction of conveyance. If you & # 39; re sun care, transportation may be too expensive. One ticket for the underground in London, for example, can set you back $ 10 (if you buy a day pass, though, you could travel all day for only $ 15 or so.) If you look around London on one of the famous open-top double -decker buses, it seems like a good cost-effective way to get your bearings in the city, think again. The bus band may be too slow, especially in rush hour. And the movement of the pair will not leave you in a good mood. Not when you & # 39; reinsurer to pay $ 130 for your family & # 39; and and # 39, S path. London now has bike paths (which they called cycle superhighways), which will help you get around. They have bike rental program designed after the successful Velib scheme in Paris. This should be a much more enjoyable way of sightseeing around London. And cheaper too.

If you & # 39; 're in London, you absolutely must take in Hyde Park, right? You go in the summer of swimming, boating, playing in a bowling all get to have a nice cup of tea in a cafe somewhere. Well, Speakers and # 39; Sun Corner is not the same place, thoughtful people come. And the place can be so closely Londoners do not come here anymore. For an experience that loved the Hyde Park, Richmond Park to try instead of south-west London. It's not as much as it is a park with a & # 39 is a genus of natural monuments with the World Bank, ponds and lakes, beautiful gardens and the actual wild animals like deer. And the kind of snack you & # 39; ve always wanted to go to London, Pembroke Lodge is equipped to serve you.

London City Airport Heathrow

Transfer from the airport to the & # 39 is common with the & # 39; a reality while traveling. Effective and fast translation is important to keep our travel plan intact. The following is a description of how the taxi in London to help with the transfer between the two major international airports.

London City Airport is located in Nyuom and the only international airport in the United Kingdom to be in the city. This is one of the busiest international airports in the country and serves about 3 million passengers annually. With a plan of growth on the cards will increase the airport capacity twice over the next few years. London Heathrow Airport with a & # 39 is the most popular, advanced, the largest and busiest airport in the country. It serves about 70 million passengers annually. While London city airport serves as the main base for business travelers, Heathrow caters to both business and leisure travelers in equal amounts.

transfer between two airports with the & # 39 is a very common scenario in the field of travel. In most cases, the transfer must be facilitated smoothly for a few hours. In view of traffic conditions in a crowded city, and dramatically changed conditions out & # 39; I, a transfer from the airport to be a difficult task. Tourists often think about the different possibilities and in almost all cases, they are turning to the private licensed taxis. Although public transport can serve to be a cheaper alternative, they can not rely on such limited situations.

Taxis are always urgent and available 24 hours, all year round. Service providers offer a free taxi service for monitoring flight and 30 minutes of free waiting time. Thus, you can have accurate information about your upcoming flight. The delays you can immediately discuss the matter with your airline. Taxi service from the & # 39 are flexible and change your selection to the time, respectively. If you pre-book a taxi online service provider recommends that the shortest way to get to your destination from London City Airport. They help to provide precise stage and a time map of your journey between airports. You can call their customer support team at any time during the day for your questions. If you're skeptical about reaching their destination on time, you can also discuss the same with your customer service executive and to be absolutely sure that everything will fall into place. Taxi drivers will take care of the parking lot of responsibility, which offer you more help.

Spain Quality Hotels

It looks strange that out of more than 53 million tourists visiting Spain each year and stay in hotels, so little in the percentage visiting Spain hotels that provide the most comprehensive and complete mnagabor & # 39; and hotel experience – excellent Parador Spain hotels

What actually defines Spain hotels (or any hotels anywhere in the world) as the highest quality? [19659003] In contrast, 99.9% of the other hotels in Spain, most Paradors restored historical monuments. Your hotel is a former castle – monastery or convent – maybe a ducal palace. And in each case – a lot of attention was paid to the preservation of their former glory and features when you upgrade them to the highest quality standards of the best modern hotels in Spain.

Some Paradors are newly built hotels, which still continues to reflect the region & # 39; s style and contain unique décor, furnishings and amenities. The restaurants are proud to serve the best traditional regional cuisine and wine – and always done up in an elegant style with international standards impossible.

Travelers often make their choice of hotel based on the sprockets. This can be confusing – especially when booking on the Internet without any real idea of ​​the actual quality of the institution, and without being able to talk to someone who actually stayed there, and who can offer reliable advice.

Spain hotel, of course, also work on the star-rating system, but – who rewards those ratings? The state body – the evaluation and recommendations of a government employment inspector! The officer is not linked to the atmosphere of the hotel – he / she is not related to the historical significance of the building, or from the & # 39 it is this architecturally fascinating. Spain hotels with romantic bays, interesting architecture, or history of the country, to be told (the king slept here, a famous knight recruited to death for the lady-fair in close proximity to the gate, turning the battle in the country's history took place on the basis of only the back of the hotel, the Queen I signed the documents that authorized the opening of the flight in a new light in the cabin – etc.) – does not receive any additional advantages.

Spain Hotel star ratings are based on things like; number of lifts, with & # 39 are the numbers that are available directly from the reception lobby, there is a meeting of the conference room, containing at least x number of people – and so etc .. They are based, in other words, on a & # 39 objective pre -established list of & # 39 facilities and services. Star-rating in no way be taken to reflect the actual charm and atmosphere of the hotel.

Then for hotels in Spain, that creates a true quality?

True quality is a combination of not only the standard check-list on the & # 39 objects indispensable star-rating system, but also provide experience and sensations unexpected and rare. You will know if you are staying at a hotel in Spain "genuine quality" – the experience will create positive emotions that linger long after the stay more.

There are a lot of 3-star Paradors, embodying a harmonious blend of history, beauty and comfort that make it such an experience. They provide a level of class, atmosphere and impeccable service that is much higher than most & # 39; Regular & # 39; Spain hotels with 4 stars (even some of the 5 star) ratings!

Some of our favorites in this category will be; Parador Sos Del Rey Catolico, Parador Arcos De La Frontera, Parador Olite and Parador Alcaniz.

Then there are 4 and 5 star Paradors, that if you really want to experience the trip number, which a & # 39 are a big step above the usual tourist experience should not be missed; Parador Leon in Leon, the Parador Santa & # 39; Yaga de Compostela in Galicia, the Parador Bayonne in Galicia, the Parador of Cangas de Onis in Asturias, the Parador Carmona in Andalusia, the Parador of Cuenca in La Mancha
. ,, And many more!

Travel to Spain is always pleasant. It & # 39; S an amazing country, and one never tires of returning. Next time, when you go, do not just stay in the hotel as a so-called Spain a certain star rating. ,, Staying true quality hotel – Hotel Parador Spain.

For more information on all of Spain and # 39; excellent Paradors, go to: [19659015] Spain Paradors [19659016]