Disney Cruise Baltic

I would like to explain that my family & # 39; I and I every day, as we enjoyed our family holiday aboard the Disney Magic;

Day 1; We arrived in port in Copenhagen, Denmark, about 1:00 pm, but you can take as early as 11am. Weave yourself 3 hours on board the (ship sail at 4 pm), so we can explore Copenhagen before we left on our vacation. On this day, we have included the study of the boat and sign up for the kids' club. One of the amazing things about Disney, it is their children's clubs. They have rooms for children of different ages to go hang out in, participate in activities and make new friend. This gives parents the opportunity to have some time alone, and know their children are safe and having fun. After inspection of the boat, all gathered on deck 9 to set sail and have fun during "Mickey & # 39; s Sailing Away Party. »At the same time, all wave to the passengers to remain in Copenhagen and dance with Mickey and his friends on stage. After all this is over, we went at 6:30 pm theater show. Depending on the time you request dinner (6:00 pm or 8:30 pm), you will either see a theater show at 6:30 pm or 8:30 pm, the opposite of time that your eating lunch. I love the show. Disney does an amazing job coming up with themes and special activities to entertain its audience.

Day 2 was a "day at sea", it means that we did not stop anywhere. We enjoyed our day watching Disney movies in the Buena Vista Theater, participating in the games on the Vibe (teen club), we dined in Cabanas (buffet deck 9), enjoying another theater show and dinner in one of the three rotational restaurants ( lumiere & # 39;. s, Animators nob or Cariocas), depending on your card room, you will rotate between the three different delicious restaurants. That night, included a formal dinner. This means that we are encouraged to dress fancy a day & # 39 (for example, dresses and skirts or suits for men.); S in the sea, in my opinion, one of the best days on the boat. Disney offers their guests the opportunity to either Cabanas (buffet on deck 9), Lumiere & # 39; s (one of the 3 rotating restaurants), or one of the quick-service restaurant deck 9. In the quick service restaurants includes Daisy & # 39; s Delights (sandwich, salad, fruit and cookies stand), Pete & # 39; s Boiler Bites (hamburger, hot dog, taco etc … The American stand fare type) and Pinocchio & # 39; first pizza (pizza stand.) Disney Magic is doing a fantastic job of creating a Grade A food all day, and making sure to cook food in a fast manner, but keeping the flavor is incredible. Now the food is not the only reason why I really like day and # 39; s into the sea. Although the food is a & # 39 is a key factor, Disney also offers its guests a news article every night, allowing them to see what kinds of brewing activities for them the next day (you also have the opportunity to use their Disney Cruise Line app to see activity and menus for every day.) This activity is an always crowded karaoke, recently released movies, exercise, games, and much more during the day at sea. Disney guarantee their guests always have something fun and new to do on the boat, knowing someone might get bored, not having somewhere to dock.

Day 3 we stayed in Tallinn, Estonia. We arrived and went to Tallinn's Old Town, which gave us a real idea about their culture. We also studied the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Estonian Maritime Museum (old prison) and Fat Margarets Tower (the big building next to the ship.) As most of you know, in Northern Europe, has a very sketchy out & # 39; e. Knowing this, I packed a number of different clothes and layers. Tallinn was 60 degrees F in the area for most of our visit, which was strange. I wore leggings (Lululemon), in the upper part of the tank (Lululemon), long sweater (Madewell) and tennis shoes (New Balance.) My father and brother were able to wear only shorts and a shirt, so it really depends on your tolerance to cool out & # 39; I. I'm a little girl, so that the wind was a little cold for me, explaining the long sweater.

Day 4 we stopped in St. Louis Petersburg. On this day, we decided to get the bus driver and the guide-Petersburg there were several churches (Church of the blood of the Savior, for example) and palaces (Alla Tours.) (Catherine & # 39; s Palace), so we need someone to help us find our way around. I recommend to find a guide that you trust (eg, Alla Tours), because during our Catherine & # 39 visit; s Palace (and a few other urban monuments), the line wrapped around the building to get, but our guide found a way to skip the line and enter in us only 15 minutes. As Tallinn, St. Petersburg and # 39; s out & # 39; e was very strange. The morning was cold and made me wear a scarf (Madewell) and a thick jacket (Madewell), but on the same day the temperature warmer (perhaps 67 degrees Fahrenheit), which allowed me to wear a lightweight raincoat (Spice), because St. Petersburg is really usually sprinkled every so often. On this night, there was no theater shows for everyone on board as at 11:30 pm. This means that you had the opportunity to stay in Russia until 11:30 pm or come early and dinners, but not a show.

Day 5 we stayed in Helsinki, Finland. This day was a little shorter, because everything on board was about 5pm. We decided to take a ride on the carousel to see the city and take a ride on a boat to explore the small island with a history of Finland (Suomenlinna). We do not realize how big and historic Suomenlinna was, so we could not see all of its rich history, I I recommend spending a few hours here, if you decide to visit this place in Finland. These included a night semiformal dinner. This means that we should have to dress a little better than usual for our dinner to take a picture. Disney does not need to remove any of the nights on the cruise, but during these special nights, highly recommended. I wore a mini-skirt (Abercrombie & Fitch), in the upper part of the tank (American Eagle) and sandals (Tory Burch.) [19659002] Day 6 we stayed in Stockholm, Sweden. This day was even shorter, because everyone aboard was 3:30 pm. We decided to visit the Arms & Royal Palace next to him. If you are traveling with any boy or man, I recommend a visit to the armory. It was very cool to my brother and father to see all military armor, weapons and royal carriages. We also purchased tickets for the Hop On Hop Off bus, but it was very busy and packed (because of all the ships moored in Stockholm on the same day), I would not recommend buying a ticket on the bus in the city. That night, Disney included "Anna & Elsa & # 39; s Frozen Deck Party », which meant we all went on deck 9 before dinner to see the frozen characters sing and dance on stage. Disney has also changed the theater shows on this night. Unlike their normal Broadway style show, they gave us a comic show.

Day 7 was our last day, which means it was another "day at sea". On this day there were many, as the Day 2, except that the cruise includes activities such as scrap booking all your memories & Jack Jack & # 39; (. Race between babies who can crawl) the S diaper dash Normally My family & # 39; I and I prefer that to the & # 39; have lunch at Cabanas (unlimited buffet is always nice), but on this day, my dad and I decided to try the Lumiere for lunch. I had the Cuban sandwich and veal parmesan with pasta (two main courses were definitely in the day), and my dad had shrimp and pad thai noodles. Both dishes were fantastic! Disney has once again found a way to blow us up. After the day was nearing its end, we enjoyed the final show (Disney Dream) & dinner at Palate animators (one of the three rotational restaurants.) After it was all over, wrapped cruise day by having a "see very quickly "party in the lobby atrium on deck 3. The show included a wave goodbye to all the characters on board and pin trading session (all the guests on board have come together to trade their contacts Disney.) [19659002] 8th day was our last morning boat, and that means you went to breakfast at a place where you lunch and the night before, or eat in Cabanas (buffet on deck 9) for my family & # 39; and I, we ate Animators Palate again. After the meal, the ultimate food on the ship, all disembarked and headed to the airport to fly home. Disney allows all guests to eat and explore the ship in front of the & # 39 entrance, which was good because we did not feel rushed to get out of the boat and let new guests begin their stay.

British Travelers Go For Cheap holidays in Europe

Thousands of British tourists go for cheap holiday deals to the Mediterranean & # 39; e each year. This rainy summer made the British leave England to look for some sunlight abroad. There are many excellent offers from tour operators as demand was high enough.

Top destinations offering cheap holidays Greek Islands, Cyprus, Hurgada, Sharm El Sheikh, Tunisia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Spain, Portugal, Luxor, Maldives, Goa, Mexico and Kenya, the Caribbean and the ski resorts, Andorra, Sweden and others.

associated travel sites also had a record number of hits in June and July. Brent Hoberman, founder of Lastminute.com says: "More and more people book their holidays at the last minute out bad & # 39; is, obviously, with the & # 39 is a factor, this summer, but people are also just more confident that they will receive the best proposals for entirely leaving it until the end. . "Spain remains the most popular destination for last minute booker in search of the sun. Destinations such as Turkey and Bulgaria offer the best value for money." Turkey really was the biggest success story in recent years, "said Mr Tipton." He went on about 100 000 visitors per year to over a million people. »(Anabell Fallon, 2004 The Independent on Sunday) [19659002] Greece also & # 39 is one of the most popular destinations for UK travelers. Greece joins more than 16 million tourists a year. The country has been the attractiveness for foreign tourists thanks to its rich and long history, its glorious Mediterranean coastline and beaches, mild climate and fantastic cuisine. There are a lot of cheap holiday packages to Greece from all UK airports, mainly Greek islands, of which the most famous & # 39 are Crete ., Rhodes, Corfu and Zakynthos

There are several ways to find a cheap holiday offers fly from UK airports by the end of the 1950s and 1960s, the cheap package holiday with a & # 39;. were, which combined flights, transfers and accommodation i allowed to b ytanskih people to travel more often affordable prices. However, only in recent years an increasing number of tourists avoiding package holidays and instead are traveling with low cost airlines such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air and BMI Baby and booking your stay

The need for the British people to avoid more often in affordable prices and growth of the Internet has changed the way travelers search for relaxation. Many people have now become travel agents in their own homes, as well as book their holiday at lower prices directly from the Internet.

"Gerrard with Burnley believes it can save £ 800 on a holiday the number of his own and maintains that she stood on the package, because she knew that they would never be any cheaper» (Marianne Lueck, 2005 ., BBC News).

Another revolution for cheaper holidays dynamic packaging. Thomson has launched a concept called "dynamic packaging", where customers can book flights and accommodation separately. It was a big change for the tourism industry, and helped to sell all-inclusive cheap deals. There are many travel agents in the UK, which offer dynamic packaging through the website and Teletech channels mainly. Yourholidays.com Ltd. with & # 39 is one of the experienced travel agents in the South of England. They provide cheap all inclusive holidays, cheap housing or only flight only deals, city breaks, ski holidays across Europe, as well as low-cost long-haul holidays.

Things to do in Paris

Paris was known as "the most romantic city," and you can almost see and feel the love in its many tourist attractions. But there is in Paris than the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. Here are some things you need to know, and you can do when you visit the capital of France.

"City of Light"

This tag-name Paris is actually derived from the "Ville Lumière", a reference not only a revolutionary system of electric lighting is realized on the streets of Paris, but also the reputation and aura of "enlightenment" the city got during the «La Belle Epoque" Parisian golden age of the late 19th century. It was at this time that the famous tower Gustave Eiffel was built, as well as the first metro line, as well as the creation of parks.

multi-cultural experience

Paris enjoyed considerable growth as a multi-cultural city beginning in the 1970s with the influx of new immigrants from all over the world, especially among the French-speaking countries, including most of northern and western Africa, as well as In the & # 39; etname and Laos. These immigrants brought their foods and music, both of which are of greatest interest for many travelers.

migration continues, even in Paris so far, with a noticeable increase in the number of immigrants from Latin America in the 21st century, bringing with them «taquerias" (which is hard to find in Paris, even in the 1990s), the introduction of chili, and Samba and Salsa music, which has become all the rage in the city (along with the Parisian electronic living room). [19659002] Today, there are more nationalities represented in Paris than even in New York. [19659002] Parisians [19659002] city lives in an atmosphere as in London or New York, with a good deal, the business people. in France, Parisians have reputation for arrogance and eternal haste. Arrogance is also in line with the fact that Paris & # 39 is a very big city and urban life stress can drive someone to be a little edgy. [19659002] In addition to that the Parisians are experiencing persistent requests from the poor , vendors and street musicians every day. Sometimes they are crooks, so naturally, the Parisians have become a little suspicious of strangers asking for anything, even their time. Try to keep this in mind if you need to ask for directions in the metro. Poorly dressed, ill-shaven, backpack carrier, foreign language can be a tourist in the eyes of the Parisians, another man, who had to tell some dramatic life story finishes with a request for money.

Courtesy questions [19659002] Although the Parisians, which is very arrogant, Paris is observed with high levels of education. Even if you do not speak the language, keep in mind that civility with & # 39 is extremely important in everyday work. Even a single word in French as «Bonjour» (good morning), means a lot, and people will help you with the overwhelming charm; or at least give a greeting in English. Write on a piece of paper or, even better, remember some French talk with their hands, and there should be no problems.

Talk to the well-bred tones

Just like in any other major city, Parisians usually people waiting to speak in a measured voice when in a public place. They are likely to look at people who talk very loudly on the train or subway car. Although it is unlikely that someone will say something, that this behavior will get you basically classified as rude and probably to reduce the likelihood that you will get help if you need it.

Americans, in particular, it is reported that they are often considered rude French, primarily due to the groups who speak very loudly in restaurants or subway. Keep in mind that people around you are not on vacation, in general. They are likely to return to work, and therefore can not appreciate another source of headache. In addition, the vast majority of the population of Paris did not in any way related to the tourism business. You are not in a resort or theme park, but in a city where people have to get through life.

Speaking in English

For most people, the English language with the & # 39 is that they should have been in school, and feeling a little sick. People help you in English are making an extra effort, sometimes a considerable one. Young people are more likely to be fluent in English than older people.

However, English is in Paris a bit more complicated, as they learn British English in the "received pronunciation", also known as "the Queen's English." To report in English correctly Parisian, who learned English at school, I always try to speak slowly and clearly, and may affect a little accent of Margaret Thatcher, but please do not cry.

If you speak French [19659002] to speak French in Paris, as hard as the French taught in schools in English-speaking countries tend to be "written" in French and is quite different from spoken French. This makes your "French" hardly understandable actual French person. The French say their language is very fast, swallow some letters, and do sound like a beautiful music. If Paris wants you to repeat what you said, do not take offense. Instead, write down phrases or place names.

One determinant in knowing your "experience" in French with & # 39 is that if you understand (or at least some sort of understanding) French films without subtitles, you can speak French, like a true Parisian.

asking for directions

If you need direction to find someone who is not in a hurry, especially a young person, or someone reading a book or magazine in English. Greet him or her "hello" or "the Bonjour", and then start with the question, when a person speaks English, even if he or she is reading something in English, speak slowly and clearly ( «Parlez Vous Anglais?») – Evern writing down names, if necessary. Do not forget to smile a lot. In addition, it carries a map, given the complexity of the streets of Paris.

Do not stop a random person in the Métro and without greeting, start asking questions in their own normal way of speaking in English. This person is likely to go fast, not an apology

If you speak French, remember two magic phrases :. "? Pourriez-Vous m & # 39; aider »« Excusez Moi de vous déranger »and use them freely, even in stores.

districts of Paris

Central Paris is officially divided into 20 districts, called "districts", numbered 1 to 20 in a clockwise direction in a spiral from the center. In districts are named according to their number. For example, you could stay at "5", which will be written as 5ème ( «SANK-ee-uh) in French. 12 th and 16 th districts include large suburban parks, "Vincennes" and "Bois de Boulogne", respectively. [19659002] Each district has its own main attractions. For example, "first", where you will find the Louvre, while "second" with the & # 39 is the placement of the Paris Stock Exchange. [19659002] Moving through Paris is easy if you have hole cards, most recommended to "Paris Pratique par Arrondissement», which you can buy at any newsstand. [19659002] visiting museums and monuments with only one card

one of the best value and most convenient ways to paglyadets s sights of Paris with the «Carte Musées and monuments, pre-paid entry card that allows entry to more than 70 museums and monuments around Paris and in the two days (30EUR), four days (45EUR), and six days (60EUR) denomination. This card It allows you to jump otherwise sometimes long queues and is available from participating museums, tourist offices, Fnac branches and all the main railway stations and metro RER. However, you still have to pay to enter most special exhibitions

Schedule your visits to museums

Please note that most museums and galleries are closed on Monday or Tuesday, so check in advance to avoid disappointment. and most counters museum tickets close 30 to 45 minutes before closing. [19659002] In addition to that, all national museums are open free of charge on the first Sunday of the month, and this may mean long lines and crowded exhibits. [19659002] Explore the sights of

As mentioned above, each of the districts of Paris have plenty to offer in terms of beauty infrastructure. Eiffel Tower, located on the 7th, this is one of the most famous – and highest – attractions in the world. Notre Dame Cathedral, an impressive Gothic cathedral that was the inspiration for Victor Hugo's novel, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" is located on the 4th. Third, where you will find the Picasso Museum, which contains the artist's own masterpieces.

There are also unpopular, but just as great attractions that you can visit when in Paris. Sacre Coeur 18 minutes from & # 39 is a church situated on the highest point of the city, while the Sainte-Chapelle of 1 is much more beautiful than the famous – but gloomy – Notre Dame. Panteon (fifth), where you will find the resting place of the great heroes of the French Republic. And Carnival (third) is a museum of the history of Paris; his exhibition with & # 39 are permanent and free.

See Paris from above

In the 9th, you can check out the horizon to rooftops Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. There's also a hot air balloon in the Parc André Citroën (north of Paris), where you can ride on. It does not work on windy days, though.

watch roller skates

every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon (except when the rain), hordes of inline skaters took to the streets of Paris on a route in advance to plan for about 3 ½ hours. Even if you do not participate, to find cafe near the road and watch them fly over. If you are interested in participating, http://www.pari-roller.com check.

Celebrate Bastille Day

Celebrating the start of the French Revolution, which is held every July 14th, the crowd -drawer. The day begins with the Bastille parade on the Champs Elysees at 10:00 am and ends on Bastille Day Fireworks, with a large number of city-sponsored events between them. Do not forget to arrive early to get the best viewing places. City officials recommend to gather around the gardens of the Eiffel Tower during the Bastille Day fireworks.

Witness its numerous festivals

Paris has a number of festivals, each of which serves a particular group. For example, the city celebrates the "Techno Parade" each in mid-September, with DJs and (usually) young supporters of acrosss Europe converge in Paris for five or six days of dancing. This culminates in a parade whose route traces roughly from the Place de la Bastille at the Sorbonne. In addition, the Rugby Six Nations event list (February), Paris Fashion Week (March for the winter collections in October for the spring-summer collections), Roland Garros (also known as the tennis French Open, May), and the Fête de la Musique in Paris (June 21) [19659002] watch a movie [19659002] in the cinemas of Paris can be considered the envy of the rest of the world. Hollywood movies will be shown in Paris, often within a few weeks after its release in the United States, and not to forget its prestigious art and French films. In addition, there are at least a half-dozen film festivals in any given week, there is where you can see all the works of the actor or director. At the same time, there are some older cult films, which you can enjoy any day you want.

Many non-French films with subtitles (the so-called "Version Originale" or "v / o"). However, when watching French films, this is probably a good idea to watch with subtitles, especially if your French is not of & # 39 is adequate to adhere to talk soon.

To find out the movie schedule around Paris, buy a copy of «Pariscope» newsstands.


crimes in Paris is similar to most major cities, but violent crimes with a & # 39 is a rarity in the city center. Pickpockets are active on the railway line from Charles de Gaulle airport to the center of Paris and on the # 1 subway line Métro. The usual scheme for one thief to distract the tourist with questions or violation while an accomplice picks your pocket, backpack or bag. Thieves often time their crime coincides with the closing of automatic doors on the Métro, leaving the victime secured on the departing train.

Many thefts also occur in major department stores like Galleries Lafayette, Printemps and Smarantine. Tourists tend to leave wallets, pasports and credit cards on cashier counters during operations, leaving their possessions are vulnerable from a pocket.

Popular tourist sites are also popular hunting grounds for thieves who favor congested area to disguise their activities. The areas to watch out for include crowded elevators at the Eiffel Tower, escalators at museums, as well as the area around the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre.

The area around the famous Moulin Rouge known as Pigal. It is best to not go after dark, if you're not with a group headed for the show. Pigalle adult entertainment area known for prostitutes, sex shows and drugs. Gullible tourists often run up exorbitant bar bills and are forced to pay before being allowed to leave. Other places to be ready at this flea market Marche Aux Puces, the suburbs (or «Banlieue»), like Barbès. [19659002] from the Metro & # 39 is relatively safe, but pickpockets working in stations and on trains, especially near tourist destinations. If you carry a bag, make sure it is securely closed. If you have a wallet in your pocket keep a hand on him, when entering or leaving the train. Do not carry more money than you can afford to lose and keep it on different parts of the body: how your money belt, your purse, shoes. If you have access to your money, do it in private.

There are recent reports of new tactics thieves aiming for a taxi on the way into town from the airport Charles de Gaulle. Thieves wait for taxis to stop in the usual traffic jam along the A1 highway and break windows to get the passengers bags. To avoid this, you can put your bags in the trunk of a taxi or take a very secure shuttles Air France.

Do not litter

Not only is it disrespectful, but the offender also fined with hefty fines, starting from 18EUR, Put your trash in numerous trash bins provided by the city or metro authority.

Switzerland – Travel site

Do you have any mood to go to the country with dramatic landscapes? How about a French, German or Italian, which is fascinating with unique cultures? Besides, you just want to hike along trails with breathing views. On the other hand, pamper yourself in the lap of luxury. Today we will talk about Switzerland.When you are in Switzerland, you can choose from any of these fine offerings.


To the north of Germany, in the west of France, in the south of Italy and in the east of Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland & # 39 is a country with a strong tradition of political and military neutrality. However, do not let Switzerland neutrality fool you. The country is not in any way tasteless.

As a landlocked country, Switzerland is renamed to its mountains. In the south are the spectacular snow-capped Alps in the north-west is the magnificent Jura. In addition to the mountain, Switzerland also has a central plateau, composed of plains, large lakes and hills.


Switzerland has four official languages ​​German, French, Italian and Romansh little known that a & # 39; is a close relative of Latin. So no, there is no such thing as Swiss language.You can do better with English as most Swiss people speak it. Nevertheless, it is always best to learn at least one of the languages ​​that are spoken by the locals. In this case, the German with the & # 39 is the best choice. Many schools and institutes offer courses in German language and other languages ​​of the world.

Getting There

The three major airports servicing international flights. They are found in Geneva, Zurich and Basel. You can also get the country through any of the smaller airports in Bern and Lugano. Switzerlands Flagcarrier called SWISS, a member of the Star Alliance and successor of the famous Swissair.

Another mode of entry to Switzerland by rail. Trains are extremely common, and they come from all over Europe. As one of the two best are the central European countries (Germany, which is a & # 39 is another), Switzerland is the center of rail and roads to the rest of Europe.


Switzerland has one of the best transportation in the world. Their train fast and always prompt. Their buses are clean. In addition, they have nearly half a dozen different kinds of transport systems that go through the mountains.

Note that while many of the bus routes pass through the scenic Alps, there's really no long-distance network. In addition, you are also given a lot of options prices, such as half-fare card, re-use tickets and multi-day cards.

Typically, there is at least one train or bus on every route every hour. In fact, there are routes where buses and trains depart every 30 minutes. Thus, you will not really have any problems getting around Switzerland.

Top 10 places to visit in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country famous for its desert lands, beaches and islands. All these qualities make Australia a desirable tourist destination. Rich cultural resources, the country attracts millions of tourists each year from around the world. It offers many attractions for tourists. For those who love adventure, they can participate in activities such as trekking, climbing, cycling and a variety of other sports.

With Australia tour packages, travelers will get to experience one of the most exciting moments in their lives. The country, with beautiful beaches and the lively atmosphere around, attracts many young from every angle. Country fascinating pair of its beautiful places, romantic nightclubs and great restaurants.

Australia to & # 39 is a huge country, so it offers a variety of delights and a miracle for travelers to explore. It can become very difficult to choose the best. Well! Listed below are some of the greatest places to visit during your trip to Australia. The study of each of the areas will create unforgettable memories for years to come.

1. Opera House, built by the Danish architect Utzon in 1973 in Sydney, with a & # 39 is a masterpiece. It is a beautiful building with a & # 39 is one of the largest performing arts centers in the world. It takes 1 500 performances each year. The Opera House, travelers can see the performance of local and foreign groups.

2. Big Bar & # 39; erny Reef with & # 39 is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. Bar & # 39; erny reef extends to 2600 km and boasts the presence of 900 islands. Those who love water sports can take part in snorkeling and scuba diving. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the coral on the reef.

3. Kangaroo Island with & # 39 is one of the most secluded places, far from civilization. This is the place where you can discover some of the Aussie animals in their natural habitat. This is just another Kangaroo Zoo, but other than that there are many other birds and koalas too.

4. Kakadu National Park with a & # 39; is the largest national park in Australia. In the national park, tourists will get to see some of the rarest animals, which include mammals, reptiles and birds. Travelers can visit the various walking tours in the park.

5. Gold Coast with & # 39 is one of the main tourist destinations in Australia. Located in the south-east Queensland, he is known for having a variety of recreational opportunities for tourists. If you are looking for luxury holidays Australia, Gold Coast to & # 39 is the perfect place. It boasts countless attractions, beaches, shopping, sites and restaurants.

6. Barossa with & # 39 is a wine-growing valley, which produces the wine. Located in the region of South Australia, is the right stop for wine lovers. The valley also offers great food with the culture heritage. Many great names and brands of wine are produced in the region.

7. Sydney Harbor National Park, also known as «Coathanger» with & # 39 is one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. It is located 134 meters above sea level. Harbor views decorated during the New Year and a & # 39 is the perfect backdrop for the Sydney Opera House.

8. National Gallery of Australia shows Australian art collection. It showcases more than 120,000 Australians, Asian and international work of art. Travelers can testify to the exhibitions held at the National Gallery of Australia each year.

9. Tasmania with a & # 39 is the cleanest and least polluted island in the world. He is also referred to as "Island of Inspiration", because he is blessed with natural beauty. Travelers who are looking for tranquility, Tasmania with & # 39 is the perfect place.

10. Great Ocean Road with a & # 39 is the perfect place for those who represent the administration. Tensioner with a length of 250 km, it passes from Bellarine Peninsula to Warrnambool. The road covers some of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia.

Things to do in New York – Best of New York City Attractions

New York is really a & # 39 is the city that never sleeps. All day, every day, there are hundreds of exciting things to do in New York City. Pumping social Undercurrent in conjunction with some of America & # 39; the most famous tourist attractions, means that there # 39; s things to do in New York, to please everyone.

New York Excursion Tip number 1: Central Park

One of the main things to do in New York to spend some time exploring Central Park. With 840 acres of parkland, this is where the locals come to escape the concrete jungle, catch up with friends, get fit, and indulge in some of the park and # 39; s organized cultural events. For the energetic tourist, Central Park, with a & # 39 is a haven of sports. Bike riding, jogging and rollerblading are great ways to explore the park & ​​# 39; s many trails. A more advanced way of exploring Central Park is located on the back of a horse. There are quite a lot of New York City tours that incorporate horse and cart tour of Central Park and beyond, making this experience one of the most romantic things to do in New York City.

Central Park & ​​# 39; s organized cultural activities make up some of the more subtle things to do in New York City. Throughout the year, the park takes in a variety of live music and theatrical performances. In the summer, join the tradition of New York and watch Shakespeare in the Park performances at the Delacorte Theater.

New York Sightseeing Tip number 2: The Statue of Liberty

Beyond Central Park you and # 39; You find more important things to do in New York City. One of the most famous attractions in New York City with a & # 39 is the Statue of Liberty. Catch a ferry to Liberty Island, and allow enough time to explore – many Statue of Liberty tours can take up to 3 hours. Often included in the Statue of Liberty Ferry ticket with & # 39 is a trip to Ellis Island. If you can save time Ellis Island includes a very interesting Immigration Museum, which is dedicated to teaching visitors about the immigration experience of those millions of immigrants from 1892 to 1954 [19659002] New York Sightseeing Tip number 3: the Metropolitan Museum of Art [19659002] If your idea of ​​the greatest things to do in New York, includes a museum experience, New York with the & # 39 is home to some of the world & # 39; s better. Metropolitan Museum of Art with the & # 39 is a true art lover & # 39; s sky. Located on the Upper East Side of the city on Fifth Avenue, Museum & # 39; s collections cover age. Permanent collections housed in the museum include Egyptian art, Cloisters, Botticelli Paintings, and an extensive collection of musical instruments. The sheer size of the museum can be difficult for some. If you're being devastated, the museum is open on a voluntary basis under the guidance presented the best tours that walk visitors through the main attractions of the museum.

New York Sightseeing Tip number 4: Madame Tussauds in New York

For a good time, it is very interesting to Madame Tussauds New York Wax Museum with & # 39 is one of the fantastically fun things to do in New York. Originating in London in the 1800s, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, with & # 39 is really practical, interactive experience that involves life like wax models of famous people. Get up close and personal with stars like Usher, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton and party & # 39; before dawn in the VIP-hall; or play the damsel in distress in the exhibition Superman and take flight over the Metropolis skyline.

If, in the end, you and # 39; re still want more things to do in New York, not more with credit cards on Fifth Avenue, catching a Broadway show, or catch up on some light reading in the New York Public Library.

Help Traffic Ticket – know your options

In this way, you have a traffic ticket and do not know what will happen next. You get home, look at the paper and the officers of the cave you notice that he says lowercase letters, "you should not go to court." Are you excited for a moment, until you realize that the courts just want you to pay the fine. Ticket traffic will go on record and increase your points and your insurance rates will go up.

always go to court

This is always a good idea to go to court, even if the idea intimidate you. Even if you are not planning to fight the ticket, just pointing upwards, the judge will be more than is likely to reduce the cost. If this is your first contribution, you'll probably be offered traffic school, with & # 39 is a short class, which you should attend. You have to pay for school traffic, but tickets will not go on the record, it will not raise your glasses and your insurance rates will not rise.

Argue your case – the right way

If you think your traffic tickets was wrong or unfair for some reason, you tell the judge you are innocent. He will give you the opportunity to show proof of why you are not to blame. Remember, this is not a case of your word against the officer. You must bring enough doubt in the case, so that the judge will hand it over.

During his ticket, pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to the weather & # 39; ie, road conditions, vehicles that have been around you, traffic signs or speed zones. Any of these situations can help you in court. Traffic sign may be blocked or officer has made a mistake at the time of the school zone. Document your findings and shoot if necessary.

If you have raced to find out what equipment is used to synchronize your speed. Ask to inspect the equipment and supporting documents, which indicates when the machine was last tested and calibrated. Most of the machines should be checked every few months. If this is not done, you have a large change in the presence of the ticket dismissed.

Trip to Java

It is believed that Java was named after a local plant, namely, Jawa-watts. The island is located between Bali and Sumatra and stretches over 1,39,000 square kilometers. He feels the tropical climate and the mercury hovers conveniently between 22 ° C and 29 ° C throughout the year. It is, however, a great place to visit at any time during the year. The island is divided into four provinces – West Java, East Java, Central Java and bows. Jakarta and Yogyakarta special region. Currency Rupee and the calling code & # 39 is 622. Moving to Java can be a bit tight if you want to travel on the road, consider a scenic train ride or book a flight. Garuda Indonesia, Batavia Air, Mandala Air, Lion Air and Adam Air offer good connectivity. The main tourist destinations are well served by these airlines.

Thirteenth-largest island in the world, also with the & # 39 is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. The classic route will see that you start your journey in Jakarta, a city heavily influenced by Dutch. Naively it called the "Big Durian", the game «The Big Apple», Jakarta inevitable. Home to some of the most fantastic museums, zoos and shopping boulevards, the city is really a microcosm of Indonesia. You do not believe me? Make a quick pit stop at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah; hundred hectares of the park, which is the best that Indonesia has to offer on display. When it comes to nightlife options, Jakarta has countless options. Spend a wonderful evening in the Sunda Kelapa and sample a piece of history or check Wayang Museum. If time permits, go to Bogor, home to the famous Botanical Garden Kebun Raya. The next stop on your route will be in Bandung, perfect for a bit of peace and quiet. Puncak pass on the way to Bandung is very picturesque and has some of the most fantastic views that the island has to offer. You are faced with a dilemma – head to Pangandarane for some time, "the beach" and some fun in the sun or head deeper into Java and Yogyakarta visit.

Yogyakarta or «Jojgakarta» with & # 39 is quite popular among the tourists and travelers around the world. This appointment with & # 39 is perfect if you want to look deep in Indonesia and # 39; s soul. Yogyakarta make your hub and make a trip to Borobudur, which is simply magical and really weird. Check out the magnificent temples of Prambanan. Consider a day trip to Surakarta (Solo), or else, pack your bags for Surabaya. Spend a reminder of your trip, taking in the city and # 39; s strange colonial past. As you head back home, chances are you'll know if you'd come back here next!

Holiday Themes More Destinations – start with Colorado

As for gas prices, hotels and catering has increased, many people are reconsidering their vacation as a Staycations. Now, instead of spending time in the same place for a week, it can be so much fun to finish the list, or the assignment cycle, which is close enough to drive, but can not claim in a week and # 39; s worth your hard-earned vacation. Colorado & # 39 is the perfect place to go to do some of these thematic areas targeted.

When it comes to high state Mile, most people think of the mountain. In the lower forty-eight states, Colorado, ranks first in the peaks with heights above 14,000 feet. If you are an avid outdoor type, then consider the rest, which includes all climbing Fourteeners. With more than fifty of them in the state, which should keep you very busy for a while, until you get the whole summer to play.

If you are looking for a less ambitious pursuit of pleasure, tourism may be just up your alley. And from behind the mountains, a theme can be a campaign of all the waterfalls in Colorado. Hikes may var & # 39; iravatstsa one quarter mile from the nearest road at night hike. You can estimate your trip based on the size and dynamics of the group.

One thing that a & # 39 is great about Colorado & # 39 is its accessibility to nature and its beauty. The state has made it easy for you to plan your vacation through its twenty-five scenic byways, about half of which are also developed in America and # 39, S corners, more than any other state. So download something & # 39; nd and take a drive. Some routes are located along the roads, while others require four-wheel drive, high ground clearance vehicles. Thus, it might just be you a few years to complete the task. Who said that holidays and lists buckets had to be easy?

traveling the scenic drives, you can try a different theme the idea of ​​visiting all the state parks along the way. Camping cheaper than hotels, and you & # 39; You find many state parks are located to help you appreciate all that Colorado has to offer. In addition, the byway, you can visit all the ghost towns in Colorado. There are quite a lot and, unlike some people, and # 39; s definition, some still have a few people.

Nature lovers can often be divided into a lover of wildlife, wildflower lover or lover of bone and stone. For the latter, fossils, petrified wood, dinosaur bones, ancient civilizations, caves and quarries scattered across Colorado. You can name your bucket list Places geological interest. There are many, but it may require a little digging. (Pun intended.) [19659002] For those of you who might like to spend a week on the beach, there is a rest time in the past were in the health-oriented state. One of the most popular visited all the breweries and savoring some homegrown and flavorful brews. A true enthusiast to arrange things so that they are in Denver in time for the annual Great American Beer Festival (usually October). If the tickets are sold, because they almost immediately, it just gives you an excuse to go visit all the breweries first hand.

So the next time you are thinking of the appointment, but want to do something a little different, think, Colorado. If you have a dynamo and climb the mountain because there, or if you & # 39; I would like to sit back and try what is on tap, this is one condition that can keep you climbing and soaking in the years to come.

Must visit places in Australia

Australia to & # 39 is a mega diversity country with a varied range of accommodation from alpine to tropical forests wastelands. There are thousands of famous places that millions of tourists like to visit every year. Australia to & # 39 is home to quite a number of historic Victorian architecture, parks and gardens. No matter how many times you went to the country of Australia, you will always be surprised by the amount of things to do here. With a well-known Sydney Opera House at the Big Bar & # 39; erny Reef in Queensland, the country is lined with a number of tourist attractions to entertain the tourists.

Melbourne is often referred to as the & # 39; the cultural capital of Australia and # 39; the birthplace of Australian film, Australian television, Australian football and Australian dance styles, each of which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Melbourne is famous not only for its spectacular scenery and a lively atmosphere, but also for its fine dining options and some of the best wines in the world. Melbourne & # 39; S Royal Botanical Garden is a picturesque haven for relaxation. In addition to the cultural beauty, this place is, of course, the main shopping center with lots of shops, trendy cafes, public galleries, public institutions, architectural buildings, sports stadiums and parks. The famous Sydney Opera House with about 3,000 performances each year and an annual audience of 2 million mean as the world & # 39; s busiest public place. Shrine memory, Melbourne and # 39, S's most famous landmark and the largest war memorial in Australia will take visitors to the memory of all Australians who have served during the war.

Neverheless Big Bar & # 39; erny Reef also adds to the charm of the country. With an area of ​​over 300,000 square kilometers, a huge reef system can make a single claim that she & # 39; is the only living structure visible from outer space. At the same time, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kangaroo Island, Port Arthur and Ayers Rock are also some of the famous tourist destinations in the traveler's list. The rails are the best way to experience the rugged Australian Outback. Train travel gives you an idea about the country and # 39; th most beautiful beaches and high peaks.

Victoria is one amazing place where people would want to go. This place has a surprisingly wide range of areas like coastlines with crashing surf or shellfish Waters, vineyards, mountains and valleys. Australian Capital Territory Canberra as much visited place here with the best galleries, public buildings and well-known nature reserve Tidbinbilla, home to kangaroos, koalas, emus and other wildlife. Australia & # 39; s island state of Tasmania from the & # 39 is attractive for nature lovers. The place gives a completely different experience with deserted beaches, green hills, untouched landscapes, etc. terrain Kimberley in Western Australia, of course, you have a loss. Cruise around the region well, as it offers views of the waterfalls, red rocks, rivers, and some tropical forests, as well. King George Falls and Mitchell Falls are some of the most breathtaking views.

The country is huge in size and it is difficult to find a destination to visit. So what is your best choice to choose a few spotty tourist spots and then just sit back, enjoy the local culture and have a great trip!