Cambridge tours

No visit would be complete in this fabulous city without taking in one of the many tours of Cambridge. There are many to choose from so it's really a case to decide how much time you & # 39; ve got, and prioritize your needs.

There are a number of companies offering professional tours. These tours can be booked in advance, and management (a) to meet with your hand and take you to the fact that, as a rule, full day tour of all the historical sites, including university colleges.

If you are on a limited time, I do not like the idea, announced from place to place you might want to check out all the more popular audio tours that are available. They come in different formats, but the most popular of the & # 39 is a CD, which you put in your portable player and follow the tour map, tuned to the appropriate track at the appropriate time. There are 3 or 4 companies that currently offer these audio tours, and this means that you can enjoy the sites and history at your own pace, rather than a large group.

For more Dading tourist looking for an alternative tour of Cambridge, you can try the infamous Cambridge ghost Tour. During the tour you will be transported in Cambridge where ghostly incident was reported and given a view of the city and # 39; s horrible past. It & # 39; S is not for the faint hearted, but very interesting and great fun.

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