What is the "Look and See Trip" – and how to prepare for it

"look and see trip" (or periscope trip) is a service that several times, provided by companies for singles and seven & # 39; families who move abroad on expatriate contract. The purpose of this trip to the & # 39 is for a person or family & # 39; and to see, feel and experience the country and the region that they can move in the near future. The companies will provide this service only for those who already had agreed to be flexible and open to such a move. Before taking off the new appointment, you will be contacted by relocation companies working together with your firm to discuss your personal needs and wishes with regard to your future life in the receiving country. Your specific needs may, for example, include an apartment near the office or close to the airport, as you'll often travel to a new place, or it may include a three-bedroom house and in close proximity to international schools high standards. Your personal wishes can include a view of the ocean and the apartment is close to shops and nightlife, or perhaps, outdoor swimming pool and a shopping center with a supermarket nearby. Whatever your needs and wishes are made, it is important that you do your research in advance, so that the movement of the agency can assist you in the best possible way. Nha hold back when it comes to expressing their desires. The more detail you can provide, the more likely the agency can help with identifying your ideal home in the future.

If you are a single person, he probably will be relatively easy for you to find the right time to leave for your destination ahead and visit your office potential of the future and to explore options for housing. If you are a & # 39; a part of the family & # 39; and moving abroad, you will need to find the time to travel, which is not only suitable for all family members & # 39; and, but it also allows you to visit all the necessary amenities, such as For example, kindergarten or school at the right time. The trip is planned during school holidays can not present an accurate picture of the terrain as well as & # 39; the amount of traffic can be very different from its usual buzz every day, construction work may be temporarily suspended, and kindergarten and schools may be closed or the room will work on half-empty.

typical view and see the journey lasts for a week. Upon arrival at your destination, or shortly thereafter, the agent from moving agency will meet you at the hotel or place where you are staying to discuss the program of the week. The program, of course, based on the needs and wishes that you have expressed previously. However, if a misunderstanding has occurred, then now is the time to fix it before you spend any time seeing that you are not really interested in that. The agent is ready to show you as many things as possible in as little time as possible. If you feel that the program is too overwhelming, do not hesitate to cut the programmed activities. Just keep in mind that there is only one look and see travel

Standard view and see travel program might look like this:

Welcome pack (including attractions pamphlets, a list of useful web sites, etc. ).

Country presentation, cost of living, cross-cultural tips, historical information about your country of residence.

Home sampling (min. 4-5, housing options)

Visit to kindergarten or school (if applicable)

Visit car dealers and information about car ownership (if applicable)

City Tour, including supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, sports centers, etc.

look and see the program usually runs on the basis of the afternoon, which gives you a bit of free time to do some research on their own. You can use this time to visit the tourist attractions and shops, or just stroll around the vast area to get a proper sense of place. For those who are tormented by the streaming delay, well-deserved rest after a busy day can be a top priority!

If you do not have the ability or the time to visit your future host country, you can make your own opinion and see travel surf the Internet, read the relevant books, looking at movies and images with your future destination, and talking the people who lived there. Due to its extensive information available to us these days on the Internet, chat rooms and satellite images, and so on, it really is possible to get a very good feeling and understanding of the country or place that we have not been in real life.