On the day of an air traffic controller

management of all aspects of flight operations of aircraft with a & # 39 is the easiest way to describe the work of air traffic controller. With the help of navigation and surveillance systems to communicate advice, information and instructions for pilots, air traffic controllers have a reputation that is one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

Work in control at airports and control centers, ATCs are eight hours per day, which can be at any time of the day, because their services are required 24/7. Suffice it to say that there are quite a fluctuation in their work shifts.

Some people believe that in the control room, where air traffic controllers work will be all the action; staff yelling at his microphone all sharply "Your missing wing On November 5 0 1 Papa Mike, I repeat: You & # 39; re missing wing "Fortunately (or even look at it) I do not exist any of this Var & # 39;! yatstva. It & # 39; all is calm, where the mood of carefree peace fills the control room.

For a seasoned veteran of the air traffic controller Becky Evans works as an ATS is not as stressful as everyone can say: "Everyone thinks that it & # 39; with really hard work, but I do not believe that stressful to do this, and you & #. 39; ve sat there for an hour and a half, and it & # 39; s everything went very smoothly, "Becky explains that as her eight years of car & # 39; EASURES She and # 39 ;. s only experienced a stressful situation," When the plane says it & # 39;. s not received a refusal engine or something, and there & # 39 ;. S is nothing you can do about that [19659002] Other than the odd very busy day, have a reputation for ATCs to fight to stay awake longer than the stress :. "All workers changes sleepy "explains Jeanne Geiger-Brown, associate professor of the University of Maryland school of nursing according to her, research, air traffic controllers are in syare .. It 2.3 hours of sleep before the night shift, "Twenty percent of workers nap during the night shift people are not machines," The biggest problem ATCs working while impaired fatigue example: .. If the pilot says he's too tired to fly, he # 39; s possible to give up the flight without being punished Unfortunately, # 39; .. s not the same rule for the AEC

Finally, as Traffic Controller Air is definitely not for everyone struggling very stressful situations, fighting crazy work schedule and sleep deprivation, ATCs undefined rare breed of people who, bldg aetstsa or were born for the position, or that passion for troops through all obstacles to fulfill their goals and experience the fun to keep people safe.

air traffic controllers with the & # 39 is definitely one of the few superhero who inhabit this planet.