Newark Airport Parking – How to save on parking fees Airport

Newark Airport Parking can be a problem in poorly prepared a passenger because of the huge & # 39; the volume of travelers using the airport. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), and John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York Kennedy) and International Lee Guardia Airport (LGA), includes the busiest airport system in the United States. Network EWR-JFK-LGA, which serves the metropolitan area of ​​New York, New Jersey, with the & # 39 is second only to London's airport network by total passengers handled each year. In 2009, more than 35 million passengers traveled through Newark Liberty Airport.

There are more than 17,000 Newark Airport parking spaces for airport workers, passengers and the general public. This number includes the hourly, short-term and long-term parking, both within the airport complex, and outside places of the airport. Parking at the airport in Newark should not be a problem if you know your options.

Short-term or hourly parking EWR Newark Airport parking lots A, B, and C, and costs $ 3 for 30 minutes or $ 6 per hour, with a daily cap of $ 33. This is actually the best and most convenient option, since many situated directly to the central terminal, if you & # 39; re only sending or picking up someone at the airport and will be no more than 1 or 2 hours.

Three nearby parking Newark Airport provides daily parking rates, which are significantly lower than short-term rates higher. Daily parking is available on a lot of P1 and P3 is $ 24 daily parking in the airport garage designated P4, a bit more expensive at $ 27. This is a good option because of the convenient places, if you & # 39; You will not disappear for no more than a day or two.

Newark Airport long term parking should be your choice for long journeys as a 7-day vacation in Florida, for example. Airport offers a long-term economy parking (P6), located in the northern part of the airport along the Saint-Petersburg. Parking here costs about $ 18 per day, which is still expensive, especially if you & # 39; re looking at 2-3 weeks of travel the route.

Your next option if you & # 39; re trying to save you from your parking bill at the airport, it would be outside the airport and private parking garages. There are several premium nearest parking lot, you might want to look as Avistar and AIRPARK on & # 39; sites along McClellan St and places Avistar and FastTrack along Carnegie Ave. These high standard parking lots and garages, served by a shuttle to the 10-15 minute range, well-staffed and equipped to assist disabled passengers, and provide 24-hour maintenance and security. Interactive & # 39; Sky Park on the & # 39; object to provide the most competitive price, but you should check individual garages for discounts, coupons and free parking promotions that are available for frequent flyers on a daily basis.

In any case, check and confirm the price before you place an order. You can ask questions about security, service maintenance, shuttle intervals, the difference of velocities within the garage, promotion rates on weekdays, etc. Once you & # 39; ve chosen your location parking Newark Airport, do not forget to order it before the actual flight. Air travel in business or pleasure purpose is always something that most people, even the most oversaturated travelers to enjoy. Do not let worry about parking at the airport will ruin the experience for you.