How to check PNR status

With regard to transport, the trains to & # 39 are the most common way. Of course, there are some better alternatives, but most people simply can not afford them. Trains are considered to be low-cost and effective means of transport.

Check your status the PNR

If you intend to travel by train, we recommend you follow the status of your PNR. Status may change as some confirmed tickets canceled.

You must check the condition again and again before the big day, especially if your ticket status is still "waiting" or "RSK". In most cases, changes in the status of "the RAC" in the "confirmed" in a short time, but the "Waiting" status may take a little longer to change. Sometimes it happens that the ticket does not get confirmed at all.


Although you can go to the official website of the railways to check the status, to know that this process is slow. the other problem is that you can only check the status, if you have booked a ticket through the official website and not third party websites. [19659004] Thus, the & # 39; better to look for a convenient alternative there Shema. so third-party sites that can help you check the status of the ticket. All you have to do is give the number of the PNR. After a moment or two, your status will be displayed.

What is the status of the PNR?

Most residents familiar with the PNR. But there may be some passengers who may not be familiar with this term. It may be a foreigner who may be on the tour. So, if you are a foreigner, then we can help you understand the term better.

If you do not know, the PNR short term for Ā«Passenger Name RecordĀ». First of all, this number is stored in the rail database along with other information, such as age, name and number of passengers who are going to travel.

In layman & # 39; s terms, as soon as you have booked your ticket, you will be assigned a 10-digit number that will be stored in a database at once. It will contain some other information about you. Based on the number of passengers confirmed this status may change. Therefore, # 39; It s important to check the status of a few times to ensure that your place has been confirmed.

Number will contain a lot of details about you, such as your name train, travel time, date, sex, and so on. Your privacy will not be violated, though. Even if you are using any third party application or a Web site, your personal information will not be compromised. Even if someone gets access to your number the PNR, they can only check their status, nothing more. Your important details such as your name and address will not be displayed either.

In addition to your ticket, not personal status including your gender, age, or be common travel destination.

In short, if you intend to travel by train, we suggest that you use a good third-party Web site to check the status of your ticket. It & # 39; best if you use only those sites that have good ratings.

Source by Shalini Madhav