Is it possible to get a one-year Schengen visa when applying for the first time?

In our experience, you can get a one-year Schengen visa, even if it is your first application for a visa. How can you do this? Well, our advice would be to apply for a business visa

In this article we look at the Dutch visa in our recent case study :. One of our clients has been granted a Schengen visa business in the Netherlands for one year [19659002] First of all, you need to get all the details on visa requirements, consulate or visa application center Schengen appointments, fees, etc.

If you live closer to London than Manchester you have to arrange a visa appointment with the visa center in London and allow at least 5 business days to process your visa Schengen. It depends on the nationality of how long it takes to process a visa application, but in this case a Schengen visa was issued 2 days after filing. [19659002] It turns out that it's easier and faster to get a business visa in terms of visa support documents. Our client did not ask for any tickets or to book a hotel because it is the application of business visa. UK company a letter that a & # 39 is a confirmation of employment, as well as a letter of invitation from a company in the Netherlands was enough.

What else do you need to provide at least this is your statement on the current account of the bank operations with your full name, address and the UK has sufficient funds to cover the first sentence of a business trip. Saving or business accounts will not do, because they do not show regular payments from your employer.

Netherlands consulate also requires applicants for business visas to provide the last receipt of a payment. An important tip to mention that if you paid for the week, you have to give 4 payroll, they need to cover one month. One payslip enough if you are on a monthly basis. Another important part of the Schengen visa travel insurance. It should cover medical expenses, including emergency hospital and repatriation. The policy should provide cover for all the countries of the Schengen Agreement, as well as the minimum coverage of 30 000 Euro. [19659002] Do not forget to bring your letter of confirmation on the appointment of a visa appointment, as well as copies of all original documents, which bring to support your visa application.

When a visa Schengen visa is approved and ready, make sure that you know how to read. If he says that the duration of stay is 90 days, this means that you can only stay in the Schengen area for 90 days, during the validity period of the visa. So, if your visa is issued for 6 months and allows you to stay up to 90 days, you can not sit out for 3 months. Even if your visa is valid for 1 year and says that the period of stay is 90 days, still, you can not spend more than 3 months in the Schengen area.

Source by Irina Milova