Professional Speakers – How to write a contract booking

speaking world full of forms and contracts – the two most important of the & # 39 are contracted, you & # 39; LL fax meeting scheduler that and # 39; first agreed to hire you and preprogramn, you & # 39; to send to the planning of the event.

Your credibility is on the line with each of these documents – they have to be very professional.

This is a contract book sample: [19659002] Reservation Agreement

Corporation) agreed to hire ________________ (Madam Speaker) [19659007] to perform at a & # 39; congress, which was held in ______________ ( time)

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(seat) on

_______________ (date

Deposit and Cancellations policy :. [19659002] of the advance retaining 50% is required with the return of the signed contract

ยท In the case. cancellation of the program, Mr. -g speaker program to be overbooked
OA mutually periods without penalty. due to possible loss Dakh in the speaker, the abolition of that date less than 30 days before the event entails a penalty of the deposit being non-refundable

Travel and accommodation :.

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about All prices are quoted, as well as travel expenses g- the speaker to order a full coach airfare and expenses will be billed after the program has been. completed. Airfare always distributed, if the route includes several clients.

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of Speaker & # 39; s accommodation, meals and ground transportation will be billed directly to your organization.

Support Materials:

on the Note that the speaker & # 39; s material, written, oral or visual, with & # 39 are copymitted and can not be used or reproduced without the written consent of the person who speaks.

O & # 39 participants; handouts included.

Audio / Video

Oh, no recording, audio or visual, may be made without
prior written permission of the Speaker.
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of Performers reserves the right to make available books
and A / V materials for sale or viewing parties with the approval of the client.

Despite the fact that & # 39 is standard practice for the customer to cover the travel and accommodation expenses, some speakers to charge a fixed fee to cover expenses, which are involved in the way.

This makes it less paperwork and a & # 39 is that the client can operate in a budget ahead of time.

I recommend that you have a flat fee policy, because it means that the payment of the costs will be included in the final check you will get the day of your speaking engagement.

Another advantage is a flat fee policy means that no
surprises for the client long after the event is over, and they get
enormous bills for expenses.

However you decide to handle the expenses it # 39; s important that customers know up front and agreed with each client.

Once on the job, you need to send to the client's pre-program to help you set up your speech to the needs of this particular group.

This question should cover such things as confirm the time, date and place of your speech, Agenda software, if other speakers are on before or after your speech, the conference topic, the expected number of participants and any other information that will help you do a better job on stage.

Professional contracts will make your job a lot easier and make you look highly professional – which, of course, you!