Advantages of airline tickets


E-flight tickets, facilitated by online booking, are becoming the norm today. An electronic ticket is basically an electronic record of a traveler’s reservation, stored in the airline’s database. This is another addition to the world of convenience provided by e-culture.

Most travel agents require passengers of electronic tickets to show a valid photo ID along with a receipt of travel at check-in. The travel receipt contains key booking information and is generated by the system after full payment has been made online. Booking details, especially PNR (passenger name) and ticket number, must be on hand when boarding the aircraft. Airline sites allow you to purchase electronic tickets without registering, but a one-time registration allows passengers to use services such as access to future booking details, change of requests and receive updates and offers. This is because the passenger’s personal data and travel information are stored in the profile; subsequent reservations can be made without re-entering information.

Electronic tickets give passengers an advantage for many reasons. Many airlines and online travel agencies have connected to ultra-modern mobile devices that have revolutionized communication. Therefore, e-ticket passengers can receive all relevant information via email and SMS sent to their computers, cell phones or personal data assistants. Electronic tickets allow real-time updating, including schedules and delays. In addition, they facilitate online check-in, a convenient online check-in process that helps avoid long queues at the airport.

Electronic tickets allow passengers to book different classes for return and arrival flights. They also allow passengers to book a stopover journey, providing separate information for each stage of the journey. In addition, consumers can book for many passengers, including adults and children in a traveling group. They can also ask for special services, such as a special meal, or ask for seats. Many air travel agencies have links with other companies, enabling passengers to book car and hotel rentals. Consumers can also check the availability and tariffs of electronic tickets for purchase later.

All in all, e-tickets are trouble-free and save time because they enable passengers to meet air travel requirements with virtually no help. Passengers only need to access the website related to airline services, search for flights, make reservations and pay online. The electronic ticket allowed air travel agencies to save on printing and distribution costs, enabling passengers to benefit from competitive prices. The emergence of all economical airlines and online travel portals has made air travel more convenient and accessible. The advantages of electronic tickets, in terms of cost, convenience, flexibility and security, will allow a complete transition from paper tickets to electronic tickets in the foreseeable future.