Plan an affordable and trouble-free summer vacation


Every year, literally millions of singles, couples, families and groups of friends go on summer holidays together. Summer holidays are popular and it is this popularity that can make planning and booking one of them a challenge, especially for families and groups of people. The need for seats on planes is limited by demand, as is the available accommodation. The demand for summer tourists may also influence the demand for events or to visit tourist attractions.

There are many ways to make affordable bookings and reservations.

Of course, the first step to making a vacation reservation is to decide on a vacation destination. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a vacation destination. Some of these factors are;

  1. Are you going to travel with children, and if so, how old are your children? Not every accommodation provider accepts babies and even small children. This is especially true for bed and breakfast or bed and breakfast operations. Not every destination is also suitable for children. Some places are for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway. While others attack young adults looking for adventures or exciting nightlife. Food services mainly intended for adult holiday makers offer little entertainment for children.
  2. Travel and accommodation costs are generally fixed, but services and amenities are often forgotten until vacationers arrive in the country and face expensive meals, drinks, admission fees to museums, historic sites or other places of interest, souvenirs, etc. Additional costs can add up to a significant amount. If you have an overall vacation budget that you need to keep, these costs are a problem.
  3. Do you or anyone traveling with you have food or other allergies to consider? For example, if you or someone traveling with you is allergic to bee stings, areas famous for flowering gardens are not the safest place to vacation.
  4. Do you or anyone you travel with have health problems that can be irritated by environmental factors such as dry air, humidity, dust, altitude and so on. This writer once worked with a tour operator who allowed an obese man with heart disease to book a trip to Nepal. He got off the plane, which did not get off the passengers at the gate, but rather on the tarmac almost 100 meters from the entrance to the terminal. This is a common practice in many places, especially at smaller airports. In such cases, passengers should go to the terminal to pick up their luggage and to clear customs and immigration. The obese man fell halfway to the terminal and died soon after. Ascension, combined with his obesity and existing heart condition, was a recipe for disaster and so it happened.
  5. Do you or anyone you travel with have mobility problems, such as a need for walking assistance or a wheelchair? If so, take into account the width and conditions of the pavements, the availability of beds for anyone with mobility problems, and pedestrian congestion. You must take into account that there are probably no elevators in residences and historic buildings that have been converted into hotels or bed and breakfast facilities. Many historic sections of European cities are paved with paving stones, and the sidewalks may be very narrow or not have them at all. Both make it difficult for anyone with a mobility problem to navigate. For anyone who needs a walking stick, a stroller or is in a wheelchair, crowding in market squares or bazaars can be a nightmare, just like pedestrian traffic in cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Fez, Cairo etc.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can choose a vacation destination that best suits your needs and will resolve any restrictions you or your travel companion may have.

After choosing a place for summer vacation, you can search for accommodation to book your stay. A large number of theme parks, campsites and hotels in the US, Canada and abroad do not require reservations. After all, it is advisable to book accommodation. Summer vacation periods are short, so demand is much higher than usual. This can quickly fill the available rooms with holiday tourists. By making a reservation, you not only ensure that you have a room, but you have accommodation that suits your needs.

When booking your vacation, many travelers will count on travel agency services. Using a travel agency is more convenient than searching for holiday packages on the Internet, calling hotels to negotiate reservation rates or getting your own car rental offer. However, there are two things to keep in mind when using a travel agency to organize your summer vacation:

  1. The travel agency only knows what you tell him about your needs. If you are researching your own summer vacation and organizing your accommodation yourself, you probably will not book a hotel that cannot satisfy kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc., Dietary needs of you or someone else traveling with requirements. You wouldn’t have booked a room with a beautiful view from the balcony on the 20th floor if you suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights). A travel agent can do this if you have not explicitly mentioned these or other restrictions.
  2. Of course, travel agencies do not provide their services for free. Most of them pay a percentage of the amount you pay, and many also add a service fee. If you are planning a vacation and you have a limited budget, you can book your own flight and make your own reservations. There are two reasons. First, the travel agency will arrange transport and stay based on what will give them the highest return. This may not provide the best service or value. Secondly, with very little effort you can save a portion of the hotel reservation reserved for compensation for travel agencies and tour operators. Simply check hotel prices online, then call or write an email and you’ll receive 30% less. Either it will be accepted, but if it is not acceptable, the hotel will reply with a quote. You will probably be surprised when you find out what savings can be. Also, remember about any mobility problems, allergies or special diets that may be relevant before booking. Discount rooms are usually not entitled to special services at no extra charge, unless they are included in the booking package.

In addition to traveling by car, air travel is the preferred method of traveling to vacation destinations. If you book your own airline reservations, do it online and look for all alternatives to get from A to B. For example, a direct flight is convenient, but it can be expensive if even available. Many flights to your destination are simply not available due to refueling. In cases where a direct flight is available, a stop flight may be half the price. Similarly, for the same price as a direct flight, you can often organize a trip yourself.

On flights from Vancouver, British Columbia to Canada to Quito, Ecuador, a summer flight costs just over CAD 1,500 including taxes and surcharges. For the same price you can book a charter trip to Cancun in Mexico, spend a week there, including accommodation. After a week in Cancun, you can take the train, bus or fly to Mexico. There you can stop for a day or two and then fly from Mexico City to Quito in Ecuador. The cost is practically the same, if not less, and you have a pleasant trip. The original flight from Vancouver to Quito requires at least a stop, mostly two. Similarly, with the alternative route Vancouver, Cancun, Mexico City and Quito. The difference is that you have to stay in Cancun and Mexico at no extra cost, instead of waiting at the airport for a connecting flight. Finding these offers requires a lot of research, but they are available. This is because, he says in the aviation industry, “a plane that takes off with an empty seat has lost revenue.” Airlines will do their best to fill every seat, even if seat sales will be drastically reduced.

If your summer vacation is focused on enjoying the outdoors, then you probably want to camp. Even when planning a camping holiday, you should make a reservation. Public and private campsites are limited in terms of space at the campsite. When booking a camping spot, you have guaranteed space to pitch a tent or park a motorhome or caravan.

To book a popular holiday destination at a discount, check out travel websites. Travel sites offer discounts on popular hotels, airlines and restaurants around the world. However, using travel websites with travel offers is a disadvantage. Travel websites mainly focus on more popular holiday destinations. That said, you can often find a better hotel offer that fits your budget than you would have booked elsewhere, saving you nothing but enjoying much more luxury at the same price.

The last, very important issue is the planning and booking of summer flights and hotel reservations. Do your research and book well before your planned trip. Flight offers are rarely available within 21 days of departure, except at the last minute. The problem with selling seats at the last minute is that they are limited both in terms of availability and usually the amount of luggage that you can take with you. This is due to the fact that hand baggage would be allocated to freight, which is actually more profitable for airlines than passenger transport. Plus the last minute means the last minute. You don’t want to risk the whole summer vacation being able to get last minute offers. Similarly, hotels rarely include last-minute offers, unless they appear at the desk at 2:00 am and there are free spaces. Even then the receptionist has parameters regarding discounts that he can grant. When you start negotiating rooms well in advance of your arrival, you are dealing with management who generally has more freedom when it comes to giving discounts on secure reservations.