Where Can You Find Cheap Flights to Portland This Week?


Are you thinking of traveling to Bridgetown before the weekend for a quick getaway? If Portland is the perfect place for a weekend, don’t pack an umbrella. This place has a lot of rainfall, but a hat or raincoat is enough to overcome. Are you planning to wander through Forest Park or walk along all bridges in Portland? Does your palette feel like microbreweries? If so, Portland is a great place for hops and barley when catching a basketball game or checking out new football uniforms from Oregon’s college. You can find cheap flights and discounted flight tickets to Portland by going online and using several travel websites! Below are the best online travel deals for Portland, Oregon this week:

Taxes included from Alaska Airlines San Francisco to Portland Nonstop $ 344

This is the most expensive rate, and there are only two seats left on the plane, so you better hurry up and log in to Alaska Airlines website and book your flight today.

The price includes one Travel SanFrancisco tax to Portland in the amount of USD 355 return

San Francisco to Portland is a relatively easy flight. It’s such a nice little getaway from the city. Remember to pack a hat and raincoat.

Hotwire from San Francisco to Portland Nonstop USD 329

Continental is one of my favorite airlines to fly. I have the impression that they remember who I am and for some reason they recognize me and remember my name if I travel several times a month. It helps me come back when I find they have the lowest price for Portland from San Francisco. Continental – your smiles are very much appreciated. Checked baggage fees are not charged when traveling with my family.

Cheap Air San Francisco to Portland 327 USD

Awesome rates! You must leave this trip on Friday morning and you should be able to start work by 10:00 on Monday at these rates. I rated it # 5 especially because of the price. So if you want to save a few dollars, and your boss has given you the opportunity to miss the Monday morning meeting, if you buy lunch for the team, this is the best rate. In addition, Cheap Air has its own rewards program.

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget hiking shoes, beer mugs and raincoat!